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Species overview - Checklist for Insects and other Arthropoda (Insecta)
Species with ANext  
Acanthacorydalis asiatica (Wood-mason, 1884)Info
Acanthacorydalis fruhstorferi (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Acanthacorydalis horrenda (Navas, 1931)Info
Acanthacorydalis imperatrix (Navas, 1917)Info
Acanthacorydalis kolbei -> Acanthacorydalis orientalisInfo
Acanthacorydalis orientalis (Mclachlan, 1899)Info
Acanthacorydalis sinensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1986)Info
Acanthacorydalis unimaculata (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1986)Info
Acanthacorydalis yunnanensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Anachauliodes laboissierei (Navás, 1913)Info
Anachauliodes sinensis (D. Yang & C.-k. Yang, 1992)Info
Anachauliodes tonkinicus -> Anachauliodes laboissiereiInfo
Apochauliodes cervulus (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes anagaurus (Riek, 1954)Info
Archichauliodes australicus -> Archichauliodes anagaurusInfo
Archichauliodes cervulus -> Apochauliodes cervulusInfo
Archichauliodes chilensis (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Archichauliodes collifer (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes conversus -> Archichauliodes conversusInfo
Archichauliodes conversus (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes cuspidatus -> Archichauliodes cuspidatusInfo
Archichauliodes cuspidatus (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes deceptor (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Archichauliodes diversus (Walker, 1853)Info
Archichauliodes dubitatus -> Protochauliodes dubitatusInfo
Archichauliodes glossa (Theischinger, 1988)Info
Archichauliodes guttiferus -> Archichauliodes polypastusInfo
Archichauliodes guttiferus phaeoscius -> Archichauliodes phaeosciusInfo
Archichauliodes guttiferus polypastus -> Archichauliodes polypastusInfo
Archichauliodes isolatus -> Archichauliodes isolatusInfo
Archichauliodes isolatus (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes lewis (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes neoguttiferus -> Archichauliodes neoguttiferusInfo
Archichauliodes neoguttiferus (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes phaeoscius (Riek, 1954)Info
Archichauliodes pictus -> Archichauliodes pictusInfo
Archichauliodes pictus (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes pinares (Flint, 1973)Info
Archichauliodes piscator (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes plomleyi (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Archichauliodes polypastus (Riek, 1954)Info
Archichauliodes pusillus -> Platychauliodes pusillusInfo
Archichauliodes rieki (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes simpsoni (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Archichauliodes uncinatus (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Austrosialis ignicollis (Tillyard, 1919)Info
Austrosialis maxmouldsi (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Species with CBack  Next  Top
Chauliodes angusticollis -> Neohermes angusticollisInfo
Chauliodes bowringi -> Neochauliodes bowringiInfo
Chauliodes californicus -> Neohermes californicusInfo
Chauliodes carsteni (W. Wichard, 2003)Info
Chauliodes cinerascens -> Protochauliodes cinerascensInfo
Chauliodes concolor -> Neohermes concolorInfo
Chauliodes denticornis -> Chauliodes rastricornisInfo
Chauliodes disjunctus -> Dysmicohermes disjunctusInfo
Chauliodes dispar -> Neochauliodes disparInfo
Chauliodes diversus -> Archichauliodes diversusInfo
Chauliodes dubitatus -> Protochauliodes dubitatusInfo
Chauliodes fasciatus -> Nigronia fasciataInfo
Chauliodes filicornis -> Neohermes filicornisInfo
Chauliodes formosanus -> Neochauliodes meridionalisInfo
Chauliodes fraternus -> Neochauliodes fraternusInfo
Chauliodes grandis -> Protohermes grandisInfo
Chauliodes guttiferus (Walker, 1853)Info
Chauliodes indicus -> Neochauliodes indicusInfo
Chauliodes japonicus -> Parachauliodes japonicusInfo
Chauliodes kawarayamanus -> Parachauliodes kawarayamanusInfo
Chauliodes lunatus -> Nigronia fasciataInfo
Chauliodes maculatus -> Nigronia serricornisInfo
Chauliodes maculipennis -> Neurhermes maculipennisInfo
Chauliodes magotaro -> Parachauliodes japonicusInfo
Chauliodes minimus -> Protochauliodes minimusInfo
Chauliodes nebulosus -> Parachauliodes nebulosusInfo
Chauliodes nigrovenosus -> Ctenochauliodes nigrovenosusInfo
Chauliodes ornatus -> Euptilon ornatumInfo
Chauliodes pectinicorinisInfo
Chauliodes pectinicornis (Linnaeus, 1763)Summer Fishfly
Chauliodes prisca (F. J. Pictet, 1856)Info
Chauliodes punctatoguttatus -> Neochauliodes punctatoguttatusInfo
Chauliodes pusillus -> Platychauliodes pusillusInfo
Chauliodes rastricornis (Rambur, 1842)Spring FishflyInfo
Chauliodes serricornis -> Nigronia serricornisInfo
Chauliodes simplex -> Neochauliodes simplexInfo
Chauliodes sinensis -> Neochauliodes sinensis sinensisInfo
Chauliodes subfasciatus -> Neochauliodes subfasciatusInfo
Chauliodes sundaicus -> Neochauliodes sundaicusInfo
Chauliodes tenuis -> Platychauliodes pusillusInfo
Chauliodes testaceus -> Nevromus testaceusInfo
Chauliodes tonkinensis -> Neochauliodes tonkinensisInfo
Chauliodes virginiensis -> Chauliodes pectinicornisInfo
Chauliodus virginiensis -> Chauliodes pectinicornisInfo
Chauliosialis sukatshevae (A. G. Ponomarenko, 1976)Info
Chloronia absona (Flint, 1992)Info
Chloronia antilliensis (Flint, 1970)Info
Chloronia banksiana (Penny En Flint, 1982)Info
Chloronia bogotana (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Chloronia convergens (Contreras-ramos, 1995)Info
Chloronia corripiens (Walker, 1860)Info
Chloronia gaianii (Contreras-ramos, 2002)Info
Chloronia gloriosoi (Penny En Flint, 1982)Info
Chloronia hieratica -> Chloronia mirificaInfo
Chloronia hieroglyphica (Rambur, 1842)Info
Chloronia livida -> Chloronia corripiensInfo
Chloronia marthae (Contreras-ramos, 2002)Info
Chloronia meridionalis -> Chloronia corripiensInfo
Chloronia mexicana (Stitz, 1914)Info
Chloronia mirifica (Navas, 1925)Info
Chloronia ocellaris -> Chloronia corripiensInfo
Chloronia osae (Flint, 1992)Info
Chloronia pallida (K. Davis, 1903)Info
Chloronia pennyi (Contreras-ramos, 2000)Info
Chloronia plaumanni (Penny & Flint, 1982)Info
Chloronia winthemi -> Chloronia corripiensInfo
Chloronia yungas (Contreras-ramos, 2006)Info
Chloronia zacapa (Contreras-ramos, 1995)Info
Chloroniella peringueyi (Esben-petersen, 1924)Info
Corydalis affinis (Burmeister, 1839)Info
Corydalis armatusInfo
Corydalis cornuta (Linnaeus, 1758)Info
Corydalis nubilus (Erichson, 1839)Info
Corydalis peruviana (Burmeister, 1839)Info
Corydalis primitivusInfo
Corydalis solidaBird-in-a-bushInfo
Corydalis solida incisaInfo
Corydalis vetusta (Hagen, 1862)Info
Corydalites fecundum (Scudder, 1878)Info
Corydalus affinis (Hermann Burmeister, 1839)Info
Corydalus albipennis -> Protohermes albipennisInfo
Corydalus amazonas (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus ancillus -> Corydalus affinisInfo
Corydalus armatus -> Corydalus luteusInfo
Corydalus armatus armatusInfo
Corydalus armatus flavicornis -> Corydalus flavicornisInfo
Corydalus armatus laevicornis -> Corydalus luteusInfo
Corydalus armigerus -> Corydalus diasiInfo
Corydalus arpi (Navas, 1936)Info
Corydalus asiaticus -> Acanthacorydalis asiaticaInfo
Corydalus australis (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus batesii (Mclachlan, 1867)Info
Corydalus batesii tesselatus -> Corydalus tesselatusInfo
Corydalus bidenticulatus (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus bolivari -> Corydalus tesselatusInfo
Corydalus camposi -> Corydalus flavicornisInfo
Corydalus cephalotes (Rambur, 1842)Info
Corydalus clauseni (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus clavijoi (Contreras-ramos, 2002)Info
Corydalus cognataInfo
Corydalus cognatus -> Corydalus cornutusInfo
Corydalus colombianus (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus constellatus (Navas, 1934)Info
Corydalus cornutus (Linnaeus, 1758)Eastern dobsonfly
Hellgrammite dobsonfly
Corydalus costalis -> Protohermes costalisInfo
Corydalus crassicornis -> Corydalus luteusInfo
Corydalus crossi (Contreras-ramos, 2002)Info
Corydalus diasi (Navas, 1915)Info
Corydalus ecuadorianus (Banks, 1948)Info
Corydalus finoti -> Corydalus diasiInfo
Corydalus flavicornis (Stitz, 1914)Info
Corydalus flinti (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus grandis -> Protohermes grandisInfo
Corydalus hayashii (Contreras-ramos, 2002)Info
Corydalus hecate (Mclachlan, 1866)Info
Corydalus hieroglyphicus -> Chloronia hieroglyphicaInfo
Corydalus holzenthali (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus huangshanensis -> Neoneuromus ignobilisInfo
Corydalus ignotus (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus imperiosus (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus inamabilis -> Corydalus luteusInfo
Corydalus intricatus -> Corydalus cephalotesInfo
Corydalus lividus -> Chloronia corripiensInfo
Corydalus longicornis (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus lutea (Hagen, 1861)Info
Corydalus luteus (Hagen, 1861)Info
Corydalus magnus (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus mayri (Contreras-ramos, 2002)Info
Corydalus muzoensis (Ardila-camacho, 2014)Info
Corydalus neblinensis (Contreras-ramos, 1998)Info
Corydalus nevermanni -> Corydalus flavicornisInfo
Corydalus nubilus (Erichson In Schomburgk, 1848)Info
Corydalus orientalis -> Acanthacorydalis orientalisInfo
Corydalus pallidus -> Chloronia pallidaInfo
Corydalus parvus (Stitz, 1914)Info
Corydalus peruvianus (K. Davis, 1903)Info
Corydalus primitivus -> Corydalus peruvianusInfo
Corydalus primitivus ferus -> Corydalus peruvianusInfo
Corydalus quadrispinosus (Stitz, 1914)Info
Corydalus raymundoi -> Corydalus hecateInfo
Corydalus sallei -> Corydalus hecateInfo
Corydalus similis (Stitz, 1914)Info
Corydalus soror (Hagen, 1861)Info
Corydalus territans -> Neoneuromus territansInfo
Corydalus tesselatus (Stitz, 1914)Info
Corydalus testaceus -> Nevromus testaceusInfo
Corydalus texana -> Corydalus cornutusInfo
Corydalus texanus -> Corydalus cornutusInfo
Corydalus titschacki -> Corydalus nubilusInfo
Corydalus tridentatus (Stitz, 1914)Info
Corydalus tridentatus nigripes (Stitz, 1914)Info
Corydalus vetulus -> Corydalus diasiInfo
Corydalus wanningeri (Contreras-ramos & Von Der Dunk, 2010)Info
Corydasialis inexspectata (Wichard & Al., 2005)Info
Corydasialis inexspectatus (Wichard & Al., 2005)Info
Cratocorydalopsis brasiliensis (Jepson & Heads, 2016)Info
Cretochaulus lacustris (A. G. Ponomarenko, 1976)Info
Ctenochauliodes abnormis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1986)Info
Ctenochauliodes digitiformis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Ctenochauliodes elongatus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Ctenochauliodes forcipatus -> Ctenochauliodes nigrovenosusInfo
Ctenochauliodes friedrichi -> Ctenochauliodes nigrovenosusInfo
Ctenochauliodes fujianensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1999)Info
Ctenochauliodes griseus (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1992)Info
Ctenochauliodes khasianus (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Ctenochauliodes meridionalis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1986)Info
Ctenochauliodes moganshanus -> Ctenochauliodes griseusInfo
Ctenochauliodes nigrovenosus (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Ctenochauliodes punctulatus (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1990)Info
Ctenochauliodes sagittiformis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Ctenochauliodes similis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Ctenochauliodes stigmosus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2011)Info
Ctenochauliodes yangi (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Species with DBack  Next  Top
Dobbertinia reticulata (A. Handlirsch, 1920)Info
Doeringia christel (Navas, 1925)Info
Dysmicohermes crepusculus -> Orohermes crepusculusInfo
Dysmicohermes disjunctus (Walker In Lord, 1866)Info
Dysmicohermes ingens (Chandler, 1954)Info
Species with EBack  Next  Top
Eochauliodes striolatus (X. Y. Liu, 2012)Info
Eosialis dorisi (A. Nel, 2002)Info
Euchauliodes distinctus (Riek, 1974)Info
Species with HBack  Next  Top
Haplosialis afra (Navás,, 1936)Info
Haplosialis madegassa -> Protosialis madegassaInfo
Haplosialodes liui (Huang & Al., 2016)Info
Hymega rasnitsyni (D. E. Shcherbakov, 2013)Info
Species with IBack  Next  Top
Ilyobius baltica (W. Wichard, 1997)Info
Ilyobius casca (M. S. Engel, 2007)Info
Ilyobius herrlingi (W. Wichard, 2002)Info
Indosialis bannaensis (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2006)Info
Indosialis beskonakensis (A. Nel, 1988)Info
Indosialis indica (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2008)Info
Indosialis indicus (Liu , Oliver S. Flint Jr. & Ding Yang, 2008)Info
Indosialis minora (Banks, 1920)Info
Species with JBack  Next  Top
Jurochauliodes ponomarenkoi (B. Wang, 2010)Info
Species with LBack  Next  Top
Leptochauliodes esbenpeterseni -> Taeniochauliodes esbenpeterseniInfo
Leptochauliodes tenuis -> Platychauliodes pusillusInfo
Leptosialis africana (Esben-petersen, 1920)Info
Leptosialis necopinata (Price & Al., 2012)Info
Lithocorydalus fuscata (Jepson & Heads, 2016)Info
Lydasialis micheneri (D. E. Shcherbakov, 2013)Info
Species with MBack  Next  Top
Madachauliodes bicuspidatus (Liu, Price & Hayashi, 2014)Info
Madachauliodes ranomafana (Penny, 1999)Info
Madachauliodes torrentialis (Paulian, 1951)Info
Species with NBack  Next  Top
Nanosialis bashkuevi (D. E. Shcherbakov, 2013)Info
Nanosialis ponomarenkoi (D. E. Shcherbakov, 2013)Info
Neochauliodes acutatus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2005)Info
Neochauliodes amamioshimanus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Neochauliodes azumai (Asahina, 1988)Info
Neochauliodes bachmanus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2010)Info
Neochauliodes bicuspidatus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Neochauliodes borneensis (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neochauliodes bowringi (Mclachlan, 1867)Info
Neochauliodes cambodianus (Jiang & Al., 2012)Info
Neochauliodes confusus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2010)Info
Neochauliodes digitiformis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2005)Info
Neochauliodes discretus -> Neochauliodes fraternusInfo
Neochauliodes dispar (Van Der Weele, 1906)Info
Neochauliodes fletcheri (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Neochauliodes formosanus -> Neochauliodes meridionalisInfo
Neochauliodes fraternus (Mclachlan, 1869)Info
Neochauliodes fujianensis -> Sinochauliodes fujianensisInfo
Neochauliodes furcatus -> Neochauliodes umbratusInfo
Neochauliodes fuscus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2005)Info
Neochauliodes griseus -> Sinochauliodes griseusInfo
Neochauliodes guangxiensis (D. Yang & C.-k. Yang, 1997)Info
Neochauliodes guixianus (Jiang & Al., 2012)Info
Neochauliodes indicus (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Neochauliodes jiangxiensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1992)Info
Neochauliodes khasianus -> Ctenochauliodes khasianusInfo
Neochauliodes koreanus (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neochauliodes laboissierei -> Anachauliodes laboissiereiInfo
Neochauliodes latus (D. Yang & Al., 2004)Info
Neochauliodes maculatus (Stitz, 1914)Info
Neochauliodes meridionalis (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neochauliodes moriutii (Asahina, 1988)Info
Neochauliodes nepalensis (Liu, Hayashi & Yang, 2010)Info
Neochauliodes nigris (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2005)Info
Neochauliodes obscurus (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neochauliodes occidentalis -> Neochauliodes sinensis occidentalisInfo
Neochauliodes orientalis -> Neochauliodes tonkinensisInfo
Neochauliodes parasparsus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2005)Info
Neochauliodes parcus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Neochauliodes parvus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2010)Info
Neochauliodes peninsularis (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2010)Info
Neochauliodes pielinus (Navas, 1933)Info
Neochauliodes punctatoguttatus (Van Der Weele, 1906)Info
Neochauliodes punctatoguttatus maculatus -> Neochauliodes maculatusInfo
Neochauliodes punctatolosus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Neochauliodes robustus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Neochauliodes rotundatus (Tjeder, 1936)Info
Neochauliodes simplex (Walker, 1853)Info
Neochauliodes simplex guttatus (Navas, 1919)Info
Neochauliodes sinensis -> Neochauliodes meridionalisInfo
Neochauliodes sinensis meridionalis -> Neochauliodes meridionalisInfo
Neochauliodes sinensis occidentalis (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neochauliodes sinensis sinensis (Walker, 1853)Info
Neochauliodes sinensis truncatus -> Neochauliodes truncatusInfo
Neochauliodes sparsus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2005)Info
Neochauliodes subfasciatus (Westwood, 1847)Info
Neochauliodes sundaicus (Van Der Weele, 1906)Info
Neochauliodes sundaicus borneensis -> Neochauliodes borneensisInfo
Neochauliodes tamdaoensis (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2010)Info
Neochauliodes tonkinensis (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Neochauliodes truncatus (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Neochauliodes umbratus (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Neochauliodes wuminganus (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1986)Info
Neochauliodes yunnanensis -> Neochauliodes tonkinensisInfo
Neohermes angusticollis (Hagen, 1861)Info
Neohermes californicus (Walker, 1853)Info
Neohermes cinerascens -> Protochauliodes cinerascensInfo
Neohermes concolor (K. Davis, 1903)Info
Neohermes disjunctus -> Dysmicohermes disjunctusInfo
Neohermes filicornis (Banks, 1903)Info
Neohermes humeralis -> Protochauliodes humeralisInfo
Neohermes infuscatus -> Protochauliodes minimusInfo
Neohermes matheri (Flint, 1965)Info
Neohermes nigrinus -> Protochauliodes minimusInfo
Neoneuromus coomani (Lestage, 1927)Info
Neoneuromus fenestralis -> Neoneuromus maclachlaniInfo
Neoneuromus fenestralis fenestralis (Mclachlan, 1869)Info
Neoneuromus fenestralis maclachlani -> Neoneuromus maclachlaniInfo
Neoneuromus ignobilis (Navas, 1932)Info
Neoneuromus latratus -> Neoneuromus tonkinensisInfo
Neoneuromus latratus latratus (Mclachlan, 1869)Info
Neoneuromus latratus tonkinensis -> Neoneuromus tonkinensisInfo
Neoneuromus latratustonkinensis (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neoneuromus maclachlani (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Neoneuromus orientalis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2004)Info
Neoneuromus sikkimmensis (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Neoneuromus territans (Needham, 1909)Info
Neoneuromus tonkinensis (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Neurhermes bipunctatus (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Neurhermes bowringi -> Neochauliodes bowringiInfo
Neurhermes costatostriatus (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Neurhermes differentialis -> Protohermes differentialisInfo
Neurhermes fangchengensis -> Protohermes differentialisInfo
Neurhermes guangxiensis -> Protohermes differentialisInfo
Neurhermes maculiferus (Walker, 1853)Info
Neurhermes maculipennis (G. Gray In Cuvier, 1832)Info
Neurhermes selysi (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neurhermes sumatrensis (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neurhermes tonkinensis (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Neuromus testaceus (Rambur, 1842)Info
Nevromus albipennis -> Protohermes albipennisInfo
Nevromus austroindicus (Liu & Viraktamath, 2012)Info
Nevromus cephalotes -> Corydalus cephalotesInfo
Nevromus corripiens -> Chloronia corripiensInfo
Nevromus decemmaculatus -> Protohermes decemmaculatusInfo
Nevromus dichrous -> Protohermes dichrousInfo
Nevromus exterior (Navas, 1927)Info
Nevromus fenestralis -> Neoneuromus fenestralis fenestralisInfo
Nevromus fenestralis fenestralis -> Neoneuromus fenestralis fenestralisInfo
Nevromus fenestralis maclachlani -> Neoneuromus maclachlaniInfo
Nevromus grandis -> Protohermes grandisInfo
Nevromus hieroglyphicus -> Chloronia hieroglyphicaInfo
Nevromus ignobilis -> Neoneuromus ignobilisInfo
Nevromus infectus -> Protohermes infectusInfo
Nevromus intimus (Mclachlan, 1869)Info
Nevromus latratus -> Neoneuromus latratus latratusInfo
Nevromus latratus latratus -> Neoneuromus latratus latratusInfo
Nevromus latratus tonkinensis -> Neoneuromus tonkinensisInfo
Nevromus maclachlani -> Neoneuromus maclachlaniInfo
Nevromus maculatus -> Nigronia serricornisInfo
Nevromus maculipennis -> Neurhermes maculipennisInfo
Nevromus montanus -> Protohermes montanusInfo
Nevromus pallidus -> Chloronia pallidaInfo
Nevromus ruficollis -> Neurhermes maculipennisInfo
Nevromus sikkimmensis -> Neoneuromus sikkimmensisInfo
Nevromus sinensis -> Nevromus exteriorInfo
Nevromus soror (Hagen, 1861)Info
Nevromus testaceus (Rambur, 1842)Info
Nevromus winthemi -> Chloronia corripiensInfo
Nigronia fasciata (Walker, 1853)Info
Nigronia fasciatus -> Nigronia fasciataInfo
Nigronia serricornis (Say In Keating, 1824)Info
Nipponosialis amamiensis -> Nipponosialis kumejimaeInfo
Nipponosialis jezoensis (Okamoto, 1910)Info
Nipponosialis jezoensis jezoensis (Okamoto, 1910)Info
Nipponosialis jezoensis kuwayamai (Hayashi & Suda, 1995)Info
Nipponosialis kumejimae (Okamoto, 1910)Info
Nothochauliodes penai (Flint, 1983)Info
Species with OBack  Next  Top
Orohermes crepusculus (Chandler, 1954)Info
Species with PBack  Next  Top
Parachauliodes asahinai (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2008)Info
Parachauliodes buchi (Navas, 1924)Info
Parachauliodes continentalis (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Parachauliodes formosanus -> Neochauliodes meridionalisInfo
Parachauliodes japonicus (Mclachlan, 1867)Info
Parachauliodes kawarayamanus (Okamoto, 1910)Info
Parachauliodes laboissierei -> Anachauliodes laboissiereiInfo
Parachauliodes nebulosus (Okamoto, 1910)Info
Parachauliodes niger (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2008)Info
Parachauliodes yanbaru (Asahina, 1987)Info
Parasialis dissedens (A. G. Ponomarenko, 1977)Info
Parasialis latipennis (A. G. Ponomarenko, 1977)Info
Parasialis ovata (A. G. Ponomarenko, 2000)Info
Parasialis rozhkovi (V. G. Novokshonov, 1993)Info
Parasilphites angusticollis (P. Oppenheim, 1888)Info
Platychauliodes capensis (K. Barnard, 1931)Info
Platychauliodes pusillus (Mclachlan, 1867)Info
Platychauliodes tenuis -> Platychauliodes pusillusInfo
Platychauliodes thornei (K. Barnard, 1940)Info
Platychauliodes woodi -> Platychauliodes pusillusInfo
Platyneuromus auritus -> Platyneuromus honduranusInfo
Platyneuromus christel (Navas, 1925)Info
Platyneuromus honduranus (Navas, 1928)Info
Platyneuromus reflexus (Glorioso & Flint, 1984)Info
Platyneuromus soror -> Platyneuromus honduranusInfo
Platyneuromus soror honduranus -> Platyneuromus honduranusInfo
Proindosialis cantalensis (A. Nel, 1988)Info
Protochauliodes aridus (Maddux, 1954)Info
Protochauliodes biconicus (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Protochauliodes biconicus biconicus (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Protochauliodes biconicus incertus (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Protochauliodes biconicus tooloomensis (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Protochauliodes bullocki (Flint, 1973)Info
Protochauliodes cascadius (Evans, 1984)Info
Protochauliodes cinerascens (Blanchard In Gay, 1851)Info
Protochauliodes cinerascens cinerascens (Blanchard In Gay, 1851)Info
Protochauliodes cinerascens fumipennis (Flint, 1973)Info
Protochauliodes cinerascens reedi (Kimmins, 1954)Info
Protochauliodes dubitatus (Walker, 1853)Info
Protochauliodes eungella (Theischinger, 1988)Info
Protochauliodes humeralis (Banks, 1908)Info
Protochauliodes infuscatus -> Protochauliodes minimusInfo
Protochauliodes kirramae (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Protochauliodes minimus (K. Davis, 1903)Info
Protochauliodes montivagus (Chandler, 1954)Info
Protochauliodes reedi -> Protochauliodes cinerascensInfo
Protochauliodes simplus (Chandler, 1954)Info
Protochauliodes spenceri (Munroe, 1953)Info
Protohermes acutatus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes albipennis (Walker, 1853)Info
Protohermes anticaInfo
Protohermes arunachalensis (Ghosh, 1991)Info
Protohermes assamensis (Kimmins, 1949)Info
Protohermes axillatus (Navas, 1932)Info
Protohermes basiflavus (D. Yang & Al., 2004)Info
Protohermes basimaculatus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes bellulus (Banks, 1931)Info
Protohermes cangyuanensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes cavaleriei (Navas, 1925)Info
Protohermes changninganus (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes chebalingensis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Protohermes concolorus (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes congruens (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2009)Info
Protohermes costalis (Walker, 1853)Info
Protohermes davidi (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Protohermes decemmaculatus (Walker, 1860)Info
Protohermes decolor (Navas, 1931)Info
Protohermes dichrous (Brauer, 1878)Info
Protohermes differentialis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1986)Info
Protohermes dimaculatus (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes disjunctus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes dulongjiangensis (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2010)Info
Protohermes festivus (Navas, 1932)Info
Protohermes flavinervus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2009)Info
Protohermes flavipennis (Navas, 1929)Info
Protohermes flinti (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes fruhstorferi (Van Der Weele, 1907)Info
Protohermes fujianensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1999)Info
Protohermes furcatus ( , Hayashi & D.yang, 2008)Info
Protohermes grandis (Thunberg, 1781)Info
Protohermes griseus -> Protohermes costalisInfo
Protohermes guangxiensis (C.k.yang & D.yang, 1986)Info
Protohermes gutianensis (D. Yang & C.-k. Yang, 1995)Info
Protohermes hainanensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1990)Info
Protohermes horni (Navas, 1932)Info
Protohermes hubeiensis (D. Yang & C.-k. Yang, 1992)Info
Protohermes hunanensis (D. Yang & C.-k. Yang, 1992)Info
Protohermes immaculatus (Kuwayama, 1964)Info
Protohermes impunctatus ( , Hayashi & D.yang, 2008)Info
Protohermes infectus (Mclachlan, 1869)Info
Protohermes ishizukai (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2009)Info
Protohermes latus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Protohermes lii (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes montanus (Mclachlan, 1869)Info
Protohermes motuoensis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Protohermes niger (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes orientalis (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes owadai (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes parcus (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes pennyi (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2009)Info
Protohermes piaoacanus ( , Hayashi & D.yang, 2008)Info
Protohermes rubidus -> Protohermes xanthodesInfo
Protohermes sabahensis (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2008)Info
Protohermes sichuanensis -> Protohermes similisInfo
Protohermes similis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes sinensis (D. Yang & C.-k. Yang, 1992)Info
Protohermes sinuolatus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2009)Info
Protohermes sonus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2013)Info
Protohermes spectabilis (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2008)Info
Protohermes stigmosus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes striatulus (Navas, 1926)Info
Protohermes sublunatus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2013)Info
Protohermes subnubilus (Kimmins, 1949)Info
Protohermes subparcus (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Protohermes tenellus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes tengchongensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes tibetanus -> Protohermes infectusInfo
Protohermes tortuosus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2008)Info
Protohermes triangulatus (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes uniformis (Banks, 1931)Info
Protohermes vitalisi (Navas, 1919)Info
Protohermes walkeri (Navas, 1929)Info
Protohermes weelei (Navas, 1925)Info
Protohermes xanthodes (Navas, 1914)Info
Protohermes xingshanensis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2005)Info
Protohermes yangi (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2007)Info
Protohermes yunnanensis (C.-k. Yang & D. Yang, 1988)Info
Protohermes zhuae ( , Hayashi & D.yang, 2008)Info
Protosialis afra -> Haplosialis afraInfo
Protosialis americana -> Sialis americanaInfo
Protosialis australiensis -> Stenosialis australiensisInfo
Protosialis australis -> Stenosialis australiensisInfo
Protosialis bifasciata (Hagen, 1861)Info
Protosialis bimaculata (Banks, 1920)Info
Protosialis brasiliensis (Navas, 1936)Info
Protosialis chilensis (Mclachlan, 1871)Info
Protosialis flammata (Penny, 1982)Info
Protosialis flavicollis (Enderlein, 1910)Info
Protosialis hauseri (Contreras-ramos & Al., 2005)Info
Protosialis madegassa (Navas, 1927)Info
Protosialis mexicana (Banks, 1901)Info
Protosialis minora -> Indosialis minoraInfo
Protosialis nubila (Navas, 1933)Info
Protosialis ranchograndis (Contreras-ramos, 2006)Info
Species with RBack  Next  Top
Raphisialis martynovi (D. E. Shcherbakov, 2013)Info
Species with SBack  Next  Top
Sharasialis fusiformis (A. G. Ponomarenko, 2012)Info
Sialis abchasica (Vshivkova, 1985)Info
Sialis aequalis (Banks, 1920)Info
Sialis americana (Rambur, 1842)Info
Sialis annae (Vshivkova, 1979)Info
Sialis arvalis (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis atra (Navas, 1928)Info
Sialis bifasciata -> Protosialis bifasciataInfo
Sialis bifida (Hayashi & Suda, 1997)Info
Sialis bilineata -> Isoperla bilineataInfo
Sialis bilobata (Whiting, 1991)Info
Sialis bizonata (Matsumura, 1918)Info
Sialis californica (Banks, 1920)Info
Sialis chilensis -> Protosialis chilensisInfo
Sialis concava (Banks, 1897)Info
Sialis contigua (Flint, 1964)Info
Sialis cornuta (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis didyma (Navas, 1917)Info
Sialis diminuta -> Sialis japonicaInfo
Sialis dorochovae (Vshivkova, 1985)Info
Sialis dorsata -> Pteronarcys dorsataInfo
Sialis dreisbachi (Flint, 1964)Info
Sialis elegans (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Sialis excelsior -> Sialis lutariaInfo
Sialis ferruginea -> Sialis americanaInfo
Sialis flavicollis -> Protosialis flavicollisInfo
Sialis flavilatera (Linnaeus, 1758)Info
Sialis formosana -> Nipponosialis kumejimaeInfo
Sialis frequens -> Sialis sibiricaInfo
Sialis fuliginosa (F. Pictet, 1836)Info
Sialis fumosa (Navas, 1915)Info
Sialis glabella (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis gonzalezi (Vshivkova, 1985)Info
Sialis groehni (W. Wichard, 1997)Info
Sialis hamata (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis hasta (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis henanensis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Sialis imbecilla -> Alloperla imbecillaInfo
Sialis immarginata -> Paragnetina immarginataInfo
Sialis infumata (Newman, 1838)Info
Sialis iola (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis itasca (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis iyoensis -> Sialis japonicaInfo
Sialis japonica (Van Der Weele, 1909)Info
Sialis jezoensis -> Nipponosialis jezoensisInfo
Sialis jezoensis jezoensis -> Nipponosialis jezoensisInfo
Sialis jianfengensis (D. Yang & Al., 2002)Info
Sialis joppa (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis joppeInfo
Sialis klingstedti (Vshivkova, 1985)Info
Sialis kumejimae -> Nipponosialis kumejimaeInfo
Sialis kunmingensis (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Sialis levanidovae (Vshivkova, 1980)Info
Sialis longidens (Klingstedt, 1932)Info
Sialis luohanbaensis (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2011)Info
Sialis lutaria (Linnaeus, 1758)AlderflyInfo
Sialis lutarius (Linnaeus, 1758)Info
Sialis martynovae (Vshivkova, 1980)Info
Sialis maurus -> Sialis infumataInfo
Sialis melania (Nakahara, 1915)Info
Sialis melania kyushuensis (Hayashi & Suda, 1995)Info
Sialis melania melania (Nakahara, 1915)Info
Sialis melania tohokuensis (Hayashi & Suda, 1995)Info
Sialis melania toyamaensis (Hayashi & Suda, 1995)Info
Sialis mexicana -> Protosialis mexicanaInfo
Sialis mitsuhashii -> Sialis japonicaInfo
Sialis mohri (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis morio (Klingstedt, 1933)Info
Sialis morrisoni -> Sialis nevadensisInfo
Sialis muratensis (A. Nel, 1988)Info
Sialis nakaharai -> Sialis melaniaInfo
Sialis navasi (X.-y. Liu & Al., 2009)Info
Sialis nevadensis (K. Davis, 1903)Info
Sialis nigra -> Sialis lutariaInfo
Sialis nigripes (E. Pictet, 1865)Info
Sialis nikkoensis -> Sialis japonicaInfo
Sialis nina (Townsend, 1939)Info
Sialis occidens (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis rotunda (Banks, 1920)Info
Sialis sibilicaInfo
Sialis sibirica (Mclachlan, 1872)Info
Sialis sinensis (Banks, 1940)Info
Sialis sordida (Klingstedt, 1933)Info
Sialis spangleri (Flint, 1964)Info
Sialis strausi (J. Illies, 1967)Info
Sialis vagans (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis vanderweelei (U. Aspöck & H. Aspöck, 1983)Info
Sialis velata (Ross, 1937)Info
Sialis versicoloris (X.-y. Liu & D. Yang, 2006)Info
Sialis voigti (W. Wichard, 2006)Info
Sialis yamatoensis (Hayashi & Suda, 1995)Info
Sialis zhiltzovae (Vshivkova, 1985)Info
Sojanasialis longipennis (A. G. Ponomarenko, 1977)Info
Stenosialis australiensis (Tillyard, 1919)Info
Stenosialis hollowayi (Theischinger, 1983)Info
Species with TBack  Top
Taeniochauliodes angustus (X.-y. Liu & Price In X.-y. Liu & Al., 2013)Info
Taeniochauliodes attenuatus (X.-y. Liu & Price In X.-y. Liu & Al., 2013)Info
Taeniochauliodes barnardi (X.-y. Liu & Hayashi In X.-y. Liu & Al., 2013)Info
Taeniochauliodes esbenpeterseni (Kimmins, 1930)Info
Taeniochauliodes fuscus (X.-y. Liu & Price In X.-y. Liu & Al., 2013)Info
Taeniochauliodes minutus (X.-y. Liu & Hayashi In X.-y. Liu & Al., 2013)Info
Taeniochauliodes natalensis (X.-y. Liu & Price In X.-y. Liu & Al., 2013)Info
Taeniochauliodes ochraceopennis (Esben-petersen, 1924)Info
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Ypresioneura obscura (Archibald & Makarkin, 2015)Info
638 Species in 6 Families listed, 5 species with english name
Insects, True insects
Winged insects
Wing-folding insects
Dobsonflies, Alderflies, Fishflies, Snakeflies
AuthorLatreille, 1802
Sialodea (Hagen, 1861)
 Jumping bristletails
 Walking sticks
 Twisted-wing parasites
 Alderflies, Dobsonflies, Fishflies

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