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Camponotus ligniperda on a oak leaf
Camponotus ligniperda on a oak leaf

Camponotus ligniperda
Camponotus ligniperda in the order Hymenoptera belong to the family Formicidae, the subfamily Formicinae, the tribe Camponotini, and the genus Carpenter ants (Camponotus). Camponotus ligniperda are one of the largest species in Central Europe. Queens reach body lengths of 16 to 18 mm, workers, 6-14 mm, and males 8-12 mm. Their entire body is shiny. The abdomen is mostly black. The legs, Mesosoma and first abdominal segments (petioles) are reddish brown.
Ant - Camponotus ligniperda on a oak
Ant - Camponotus ligniperda on a oak
Camponotus ligniperda prefer warm and dry habitats. They live in deciduous forests, mixed forests and grasslands with shrubs. They feed on honeydew from aphids and on the sweet and juicy parts of plants. They also prey on other creatures. The area in which these ants forage for food has a radius of about 40 metres.
Camponotus ligniperda - Brown-Black Ant
Camponotus ligniperda - Brown-Black Ant
The young ants overwinter twice in the nest which is built in the dead wood of trees and located up to three metres in height. The major part of the nest is under the soil. Some nests are only in the ground. After reaching sexual maturity, the young ants swarm from the nests on warm afternoons in May and June New colonies can be founded either by individual queens or by several Queens. In the latter case the eggs of the queens are stored commonly in a single breeding chamber , and care of the brood is shared.

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1. Camponotus ligniperda on a oak leaf
2. Ant - Camponotus ligniperda on a oak
3. Camponotus ligniperda - Brown-Black Ant
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