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Meshweb weaver - Dictynidae - Nigma walckenaeri
Meshweb weaver - Dictynidae - Nigma walckenaeri

Meshweb weavers
The meshweb weavers (Dictynidae) are a family in the order spiders (Araneae), the suborder Araneomorphae, the series Entelegynae and the superfamily Dictynoidea. Meshweb weavers are found throughout the world. There are approximately 563 species in 48 genera. Some examples of the genera are: Nigma, Altella, Argenna, Archeodictyna, Blabomma, Cicurina, Dictyna, Emblyna, Lathys, Saltonia and Yoryma. The species include: Dictyna arundinacea, Nigma flavescens, Nigma puella and Nigma walckenaeri.
Meshweb weavers are mostly small spiders with body lengths of up to 4 mm. Besides the many inconspicuously coloured species (usually light brown) there are those which are very colourful. Nigma walckenaeri are green. Many species are slightly hairy. What is special to meshweb weavers is that they do not produce sticky threads to catch prey. Instead, they produce a fine, crinkly silk which is spun into irregularly shaped webs on plants.
Meshweb weavers livein different habitats in Central Europe. They can be found on dry grass and ruderal vegetation, on trees, shrubs, perennials or inflorescences of dry plants. They also like to be in areas populated by humans. The meshweb weavers live off insects. Often, these are medium to large sized flying insects, which get caught in their finely spun webs.
Mating takes place in summer and afterwards the male spiders live for a short time together with the females in the same web before they die. The females lay their eggs in a cocoon, hidden away and at a distance from the web.

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1. Meshweb weaver - Dictynidae - Nigma walckenaeri
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