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Money spider - Linyphiidae
Money spider - Linyphiidae

Money spiders
The money spiders (Linyphiidae), also known as sheet weavers, form a family in the order spiders (Araneae), the suborder Araneomorphae (synonym: Labidognatha) and the superfamily Araneoidea.
Money spiders are found almost everywhere in the world and approximately 4314 species have been discovered so far. In Central Europe, about 500 species occur. Among the most common species here are Bathyphantes gracilis and Erigone atra.
Money spiders reach body lengths of 1.5 - 3 mm. The shape of their webs in their slightly curved (dome) structure remembers to canopies. These spiders owe their German name to the shape of their web which is slightly domed like a baldachin - the canopy over a tomb or altar.
These spiders build their webs on grassland plants or on shrubs near the ground. Most spiders however, die while landing (eg on water surfaces).

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1. Money spider - Linyphiidae
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