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Zygielle x-notata - female
Zygielle x-notata - female

Zygielle x-notata
Zygielle x-notata is a member of the orb-weaver spider family. It is found in Central Europe. This spider is from 5 to 11 mm in length. Its body is yellow to brown in colour and it bears a leaf like marking on its abdomen.
Zygielle x-notata - side face
Zygielle x-notata - side face
The Zygielle x-notata likes to spin its web in window frames. It is also found in house walls, corners, grating, wood piles or under the bark of old trees. Its need for heat often drives it to seek out human settlements. The females spin webs almost the whole year round. The adult spider can be encountered from high summer to late autumn. The eggs (laid by the female) survive the winter in a cocoon. The young spiders hatch in the spring.
Zygielle x-notata
Zygielle x-notata
Zygielle x-notata - top view
Zygielle x-notata - top view
Zygielle x-notata - view from beneath
Zygielle x-notata - view from beneath
Zygielle x-notata - male
Zygielle x-notata - male

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1. Zygielle x-notata - female
2. Zygielle x-notata - side face
3. Zygielle x-notata
4. Zygielle x-notata - top view
5. Zygielle x-notata - view from beneath
6. Zygielle x-notata - male
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