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Honeybee on a flower
Honeybee on a flower (Pictures of Bees)

Bees (Apiformes)
Bee on a blue flower
Bee on a blue flower (Pictures of Bees)
Mason Bee
Mason Bee (Pictures of Bees)
Andrena on a flower
Andrena on a flower (Pictures of Bees)
Various bee species, including honey bees, store food to ensure the survival of the entire colony in times of food shortage (winter, the rainy season in the tropics). During the winter a beehive needs to maintain a minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, otherwise the entire colony would die. The food stock of bees (honey) is edible even at very low temperatures.
Honey bee with pollen on hind-legs
Honey bee with pollen on hind-legs (Pictures of Bees)

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1. Honeybee on a flower
2. Bee on a blue flower
3. Mason Bee
4. Andrena on a flower
5. Honey bee with pollen on hind-legs
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