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English names for Andrena (Andrena) Species
Species with A
Andrena agilissima (Scopoli, 1770)Violet-Winged Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena alleghaniensis (Viereck, 1907)Alleghany AndrenaInfo
Andrena apicata (Smith, 1847)Large Sallow Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena argemonis (Cockerell, 1896)Prickly-poppy AndrenaInfo
Andrena asteris (Robertson, 1891)Aster AndrenaInfo
Andrena banksi (Malloch, 1917)Banks AndrenaInfo
Andrena barbara (Bouseman & Laberge, 1979)Barbara´s AndrenaInfo
Andrena barbilabris (Kirby, 1802)Long-lipped AndrenaInfo
Andrena bicolor -> Andrena nigraeGwynne´s Mining BeeInfo
Andrena bimaculata (Kirby, 1802)Large Gorse Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena bradleyi (Viereck, 1907)Bradley´s AndrenaInfo
Andrena canadensis (Dalla Torre, 1896)Canada AndrenaInfo
Andrena carantonica (Perez, 1902)Chocolate Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena carinigena (Wu, 1982)Ruby-spotted SwallowtailInfo
Andrena carlini (Cockerell, 1901)Desert Orangetip
Carlin´s Andrena
Andrena cheyennorum (Viereck & Cockerell, 1914)SoldierInfo
Andrena chippewaensis (Mitchell, 1960)White-dotted CattleheartInfo
Andrena chrysosceles (Kirby, 1802)Flecked Hawthorn Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena cineraria (Linnaeus, 1758)Grey Mining Bee
Ashy mining bee
Andrena clarkella (Kirby, 1802)Clark´s Mining Bee
Clark´s Andrena
Andrena coitana (Kirby, 1802)Small flecked Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena cornelli (Viereck, 1907)Azalea AndrenaInfo
Andrena crataegi (Robertson, 1893)Hawthorn AndrenaInfo
Andrena cressonii (Robertson, 1891)Cresson´s AndrenaInfo
Andrena denticulata (Kirby, 1802)Grey-banded Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena dorsata (Kirby, 1802)Short-Fringed Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena dunningi (Cockerell, 1898)Dunning´s AndrenaInfo
Andrena erigeniae (Robertson, 1891)Spring Beauty AndrenaInfo
Andrena erythrogaster (Ashmead, 1890)Red-tailed AndrenaInfo
Andrena erythronii (Robertson, 1891)Trout-lily AndrenaInfo
Andrena ferox (Smith, 1847)Oak Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena flavipes (Panzer, 1799)Yellow Legged Mining BeeSite
Andrena florea (Fabricius, 1793)Bryony Mining-beeSite
Andrena fragilis (Smith, 1853)Fragile Dogwood AndrenaInfo
Andrena frigida (Smith, 1853)Frigid AndrenaInfo
Andrena fulva (Müller, 1766)Tawny mining beeSite
Andrena fulvago (Christ, 1791)Hawksbeard Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena fuscicauda (Viereck, 1904)Dark-tailed AndrenaInfo
Andrena fuscipes (Kirby, 1802)Heather Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena geranii (Robertson, 1891)Geranium AndrenaInfo
Andrena gravida (Imhoff, 1832)White-bellied Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena haemorrhoa (Fabricius, 1781)Early Mining Bee
Orange-tipped Mining-Bee
Andrena hattorfiana (Fabricius, 1775)Large Scabious Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena haynesi (Viereck & Cockerell, 1914)Haynes AndrenaInfo
Andrena helianthi (Robertson, 1891)Sunflower AndrenaInfo
Andrena helvola (Linnaeus, 1758)Coppice Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena hirticincta (Provancher, 1888)Hairy-banded AndrenaInfo
Andrena humilis (Imhoff, 1832)Catsear Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena impolita (Laberge, 1987)Unpolished AndrenaInfo
Andrena integra (Smith, 1853)Short-haired Dogwood AndrenaInfo
Andrena jessicae (Cockerell, 1896)Jessica´s AndrenaInfo
Andrena krigiana (Robertson, 1901)Dwarf-dandelion AndrenaInfo
Andrena labiata (Fabricius, 1781)Red-girdled Mining-bee
Girdled Mining Bee
Andrena lapponica (Zetterstedt, 1838)Bilberry Mining-beeInfo
Andrena lathyri (Alfken, 1899)Burbage Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena malacothricidis (Thorp, 1969)Desert-dandelion AndrenaInfo
Andrena melliventris (Cresson, 1872)Honey-bellied AndrenaInfo
Andrena mentzeliae (Cockerell, 1897)Blazing-star AndrenaInfo
Andrena milwaukeensis (Graenicher, 1903)Milwaukee AndrenaInfo
Andrena minutula (Kirby, 1802)Common Mini-Mining BeeInfo
Andrena miserabilis (Cresson, 1872)Mining bee
Miserable Andrena
Andrena nasonii (Robertson, 1895)Nason´s AndrenaInfo
Andrena nigripes (Provancher, 1895)Big-headed AndrenaInfo
Andrena nigroaenea (Kirby, 1802)Buffish Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena nigrocaerulea (Cockerell, 1897)Blue-and-black AndrenaInfo
Andrena nitida -> Lasioglossum sexnotatumGrey-Patched Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena nivalis (Smith, 1853)Snowy AndrenaInfo
Andrena nuda (Robertson, 1891)Nude AndrenaInfo
Andrena obscuripennis (Smith, 1853)Dusky-winged AndrenaInfo
Andrena olivacea (Viereck, 1916)Olivaceous AndrenaInfo
Andrena ovatula (Kirby, 1802)Small Gorse Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena pallidifovea (Viereck, 1904)Pale-fovea AndrenaInfo
Andrena perarmata (Cockerell, 1898)Well-armed AndrenaInfo
Andrena pilipes (Fabricius, 1781)Black Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena praecox (Scopoli, 1763)Small Sallow Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena proxima -> Andrena proximaFour-spotted Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena regularis (Malloch, 1917)Regular AndrenaInfo
Andrena rosae (Panzer, 1801)Perkins´ Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena rudbeckiae (Robertson, 1891)Rudbeckia AndrenaInfo
Andrena ruficrus (Nylander, 1848)Northern Sallow Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena rugosa (Robertson, 1891)Rugose AndrenaInfo
Andrena salicifloris (Cockerell, 1897)Willow mining beeInfo
Andrena scotica (Perkins, 1917)Chocolate Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena sigmundi (Cockerell, 1902)Sigmund´s AndrenaInfo
Andrena sola (Viereck, 1916)Lonely AndrenaInfo
Andrena sphaeralceae (Linsley, 1939)Globemallow AndrenaInfo
Andrena subopaca (Nylander, 1848)Impunctate Mini-Mining BeeInfo
Andrena tarsata -> Andrena tarsataTormentil Mining BeeInfo
Andrena tibialis (Kirby, 1802)Grey-Gastered Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena transnigra (Viereck, 1904)Black-banded AndrenaInfo
Andrena trimmerana (Kirby, 1802)Trimmer´s Mining BeeInfo
Andrena vaga (Panzer, 1799)Grey-backed Mining-BeeSite
Andrena varians (Kirby, 1802)Blackthorn Mining-BeeInfo
Andrena vicina (Smith, 1853)Neighborly AndrenaInfo
Andrena virginiana (Mitchell, 1960)Virginia AndrenaInfo
Andrena ziziae (Robertson, 1891)Golden-Alexanders AndrenaInfo
1829 Species in 1 Family listed, 96 species with english name
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AuthorFabricius, 1775
Anchandrena (Laberge, 1985)
Andraena (Cuvier, 1800)
Andrenella (Hedicke, 1933)
Anthocaressa (Gistel, 1850)
Anthocharessa (Gistel, 1850)
Anthrena (Illiger, 1801)
Aporandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Archiandrena (Laberge, 1985)
Augandrena (Laberge, 1985)
Belandrena (Ribble, 1968)
Bythandrena (Lanham, 1950)
Calcarina (Osychnyuk, 1993)
Callandrena (Cockerell, 1898)
Carandrena (Warncke, 1968)
Carinandrena (Osychnyuk, 1993)
Celetandrena (Laberge & Hurd, 1965)
Charitandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Chaulandrena (Laberge, 1964)
Chloroandrena (Perez, 1890)
Cnemidandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Conandrena (Viereck, 1924)
Cremnandrena (Laberge, 1985)
Cryptandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Dactylandrena (Viereck, 1924)
Dasyandrena (Laberge, 1977)
Derandrena (Ribble, 1968)
Diandrena (Cockerell, 1903)
Didonia (Gribodo, 1894)
Elandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Erandrena (Laberge, 1985)
Eremandrena (Laberge, 1964)
Euandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Fumandrena (Warncke, 1974)
Geandrena (Laberge, 1964)
Geissandrena (Laberge & Ribble, 1972)
Genyandrena (Laberge, 1985)
Glyphandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Gonandrena (Viereck, 1917)
Gymnandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Hesperandrena (Timberlake, 1949)
Holandrena (Perez, 1890)
Iomelissa (Robertson, 1900)
Larandrena (Laberge, 1964)
Leimelissa (Osychnyuk, 1984)
Leucandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Longandrena (Osychnyuk, 1993)
Melandrena (Perez, 1890)
Melittidia (Guérin, 1830)
Melittoides (Friese, 1921)
Micrandrena (Ashmead, 1899)
Mimandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Mitsukuriapis (Hirashima, Laberge, Ikudome, 1994)
Mitsukuriella (Hirashima & Laberge, 1965)
Nemandrena (Laberge, 1971)
Notandrena (Perez, 1890)
Oligandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Onagrandrena (Linsley & Macswain, 1956)
Opandrena (Robertson, 1902)
Oxyandrena (Laberge, 1977)
Parandrena (Robertson, 1897)
Pelicandrena (Laberge & Ribble, 1972)
Planiandrena (Osychnyuk, 1983)
Plastandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Platandrena (Viereck, 1924)
Poliandrena (Warncke, 1968)
Psammandrena (Laberge, 1977)
Pterandrena (Robertson, 1902)
Ptilandrena (Robertson, 1902)
Rhacandrena (Laberge, 1977)
Rhaphandrena (Laberge, 1971)
Scaphandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Schizandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Scoliandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Scrapteropsis (Viereck, 1922)
Simandrena (Perez, 1890)
Solenopalpa (Pacrez, 1897)
Stenandrena (Timberlake, 1949)
Taeniandrena (Hedicke, 1933)
Tarsandrena (Osychnyuk, 1984)
Thysandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Trachandrena (Robertson, 1902)
Troandrena (Warncke, 1974)
Tropandrena (Viereck, 1924)
Truncandrena (Warncke, 1968)
Tylandrena (Laberge, 1964)
Xanthandrena (Lanham, 1949)
Xiphandrena (Laberge, 1971)
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