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Dor beetle - Geotrupidae
Dor beetle - Geotrupidae

Dor Beetles - Earth-boring dung beetles
Dor Beetles or Earth-boring dung beetles (Geotrupidae) are a family of beetles. There are approximately 500 species globally , only 10 of which can be found in Central Europe. Examples of species are: Geotrupes stercorarius, Anoplotrupes stercorosus, Geotrupes vernalis and Typhaeus typhoeus.

The beetles are 6 to 26 mm in length. Their bodies range in shape from oval to spherical. They can be black, brown, metallic blue, green or blue green in colour. The male insects wear horns, humps or have deep impressions on their large and curved necks.

The earth-boring dung beetle lives in forests, steppes and fields.
The adult beetles are active during the day and night. They are clumsy in flight. Adults and larvae feed on faeces, rotten plants and fungi. Some eat leaves, others do not apply to food.

Dung beetles dig complex underground systems of passages (often beside dung). The young are fed and taken care of in individual chambers.

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