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Calomera littoralis
Calomera littoralis

Calomera littoralis
Calomera littoralis, synonym Lophyridia littoralis or Cicindela littoralis, belong to the genus Calomera, in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the suborder Adephaga, the superfamily Caraboidea, the family ground beetles (Carabidae), the subfamily tiger beetles (Cicindelinae), the tribe Cicindelini and the subtribe Cicindelinae. Some examples of subspecies of Calomera littoralis are: Calomera littoralis littoralis, Calomera littoralis conjunctaepustulata, Calomera littoralis fiorii, Calomera littoralis nemoralis and Calomera littoralis winkleri.

Calomera littoralis probably originated in North Africa and spread from there throughout the Mediterranean region to Asia. North of the Alps, this species has only been found in Austria.
Cicindelinae - Calomera littoralis
Cicindelinae - Calomera littoralis
Adult Calomera littoralis reach body lengths of 10-17 mm. Their bodies are flat, dark with a slight copper sheen on the upper surface and with a diffuse blue-green shimmer on the underside. The head of the beetle is angular. The forehead and the sides of the head have grooves and there is long hair on the cheeks. Calomera littoralis have very prominent eyes. This beetle has a very large field of vision.

The thread-like antennae comprise 11 segments, 6 of which have a velvet-like surface.
The abdomen consists of 6 segments, the first few of which are conjoined. Calomera littoralis have grainy elytra with white patches which form stripes. The patches on the shoulders are "C" shaped. The legs vary in colour and are long limbed which enables these insects to advance rapidly.

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1. Calomera littoralis
2. Cicindelinae - Calomera littoralis
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