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Anthaxia podolica - female
Anthaxia podolica - female

Anthaxia podolica
Anthaxia podolica belong to the genus Anthaxia, in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the suborder Polyphaga, the infraorder Elateriformia, the superfamily Buprestoidea, the family jewel beetles (Buprestidae), the subfamily Buprestinae and the tribe Anthaxiini. Anthaxia podolica iberica are a subspecies of this beetle. Anthaxia podolica are already classified as at risk on the Red List of Germany (category one).
Anthaxia podolica - male
Anthaxia podolica - male
Anthaxia podolica mating
Anthaxia podolica mating
Adult Anthaxia podolica settle on flowering plants. where they specialized are limited to certain plant species. They are oligophagous. Sometimes they only settle on yellow flowers. They feed on flower petals, or on the herbaceous components of their host plants.
Anthaxia podolica mating - top view
Anthaxia podolica mating - top view
After mating, the fertilized females fly to sick, injured, healthy or dead trees and shrubs to lay their eggs. The larvae feed on the tree beneath the bark, creating crescent shaped grooves, which can seen if one pulls up the rotten bark. The larvae prefer dogwood and ash.

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1. Anthaxia podolica - female
2. Anthaxia podolica - male
3. Anthaxia podolica mating
4. Anthaxia podolica mating - top view
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