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Asian lady beetle - harlequin lady beetle
Asian lady beetle - harlequin lady beetle

Asian ladybird
Asian lady beetle - Harmonia axyridis
Asian lady beetle - Harmonia axyridis
The basic color of the larvae is initially yellow; they later turn to black or blue-grey. Its body is covered with bristles. Some segments of the abdomen are orange coloured.
Beetle - Harmonia axyridis - top view
Beetle - Harmonia axyridis - top view
Asian ladybird feed on large quantities of aphids (from 100 to 270 per day), but also feed on other insects, eggs and larvae.

The Asian ladybird secretes a yellow, bitter poison (hemolymph) when in danger , which significantly reduces the number of its enemies.
Asian lady beetle
Asian lady beetle
The female of the species lays its eggs on plants that are infested by aphids. The larvae slip off after a few days and eat up to 1200 aphids during the two weeks of their development. The larva turns into a pupa on a leaf. After about one week the adult Asian ladybird slip off the pupa.

At the production of wine the Asian lady beetle can be a problem. The hemolymph of the beetle affects the taste so dramatically, that the wine is unfit to drink.

Asian ladybirds are commonly found in populated areas, where they seek out (often in large numbers) apartments and houses to hibernate , and can thus be a pest.

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1. Asian lady beetle - harlequin lady beetle
2. Asian lady beetle - Harmonia axyridis
3. Beetle - Harmonia axyridis - top view
4. Asian lady beetle
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