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Eleven-spot ladybird - Coccinella undecimpunctata
Eleven-spot ladybird - Coccinella undecimpunctata

Eleven-spot ladybird
The eleven-spot ladybird [Coccinella (Neococcinella) undecimpunctata], also: 11-spotted ladybird, or eleven-spotted lady beetle, belongs to the family ladybirds (Coccinellidae), in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the suborder Polyphaga, the infraorder Cucujiformia and the superfamily Cucujoidea. Here, in the subfamily Coccinellinae, the tribe Coccinellini and the genus Coccinella, this species belongs to the subgenus Coccinella (Neococcinella). A scientific synonym for this species is Coccinella novazealandiae.
Coccinella (Neococcinella) undecimpunctata
Coccinella (Neococcinella) undecimpunctata
The eleven-spot ladybird is 4 - 5 mm in length. Its body isblack in colour. The pronotum bears a small, white spot on each of the outer sides. The wing covers (elytra ) are bright red, orange-red or orange. There are in total 7-11 black dots on the wings which are sometimes joined, or surrounded by a thin yellow ring. The legs of these beetles are black.
The eleven-spot ladybird lives in habitats with sandy soils and, for the most part, sparse vegetation, where it hunts and devours aphids on different plant species. Their larvae also prey on small insects such as aphids. The adult beetles overwinter in leaf litter or in other plant waste.

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1. Eleven-spot ladybird - Coccinella undecimpunctata
2. Coccinella (Neococcinella) undecimpunctata
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