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Leaf beetles
Leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) are a large family in the beetle order. In Germany, there are over 470 different species and there are 50,000 species around the world. There are many different kinds of Leaf beetle: Flea beetles, Seed beetles, Tortoise beetles, Chrysomenlinae (Colorado potato beetle, Chrysomela populi, Chrysolina fastuosa), Clythrinae, Criocerinae (Cereal leaf beetle, Common asparagus beetle, Scarlet lily beetle), Cryptocephalinae, Donaciinae (Donacia semicuprea) and Galerucinae (Agelastica alni, Xanthogaleruca luteola).
Willow Flea Beetle - Crepidodera aurata
Willow Flea Beetle - Crepidodera aurata
The adult Leaf beetle is between 1 and 18 mm in length. The body is domed and ovoid in shape and the coloring varies, from multicoloured to shiny and metallic. The surface of the leaf beetle is smooth. All leaf beetles have wings. The wings are only rarely shortened. The Leaf beetle has a roundish head and a proboscis. The antennae are usually shorter than the torso. Leaf beetles have round eyes and feed on leaves.
Leaf beetle Chrysolina sanguinolenta - Lanzarote
Leaf beetle Chrysolina sanguinolenta - Lanzarote
The females lay their eggs singly, in clusters or in rows on their forage crops. Some species hide their eggs in holes in leaves, stems or twigs. Others cover their eggs with feces. The Donaciinae live both on water as well as on water plants. Here is the egg laying in a kind of jelly. The eggs are laid in rows on leaves. The larvae bore their heads in roots, stems or leaves and suck out the plant juices.
Group of Leaf beetles
Group of Leaf beetles
Due to the fact that leaf beetles are herbivores they are often seen as pests, this includes the Colorado potato beetle, Psylliodes, Common asparagus beetle, Chrysomela populi and the Agelastica alni.

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