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Leptura quadrifasciata - Top view
Leptura quadrifasciata - Top view

Leptura quadrifasciata
Leptura quadrifasciata is a beetle belonging to the family of longhorn beetles. It is a member of the subfamily Lepturinae. The name is derived from the striking color of the beetle (yellow-orange bands). The beetle is found in Europe, the Caucasus and Siberia.
Longhorn beetle - Leptura quadrifasciata
Longhorn beetle - Leptura quadrifasciata
Leptura quadrifasciata typically have an elongated body which tapers towards the end. The body length of Leptura quadrifasciata is between 11 and 19 mm. The antennae are about the same length. Due to its colouring, the Leptura quadrifasciata looks like a wasp (mimicry). Furthermore it is easy to confuse it with the Rutpela maculata, a closely related species.
Leptura quadrifasciata
Leptura quadrifasciata
The adult beetles feed on pollen and parts of flowers. From July to August they are encountered on umbellifers (a member of the parsley family) and on dead wood. Their preferred habitats are moist forests and watersides in the mountains; they are also at home in areas at lower altitudes.
Leptura quadrifasciata - back view - beetle
Leptura quadrifasciata - back view - beetle
The larvae of Leptura quadrifasciata feed mainly on willow wood. Alternative sources of food are oak, beech, birch, alder or hazel bushes. The beetles are not considered to be pests because the larvae reside in dead wood.
Leptura quadrifasciata - Front view
Leptura quadrifasciata - Front view
Leptura quadrifasciata - Side view
Leptura quadrifasciata - Side view

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1. Leptura quadrifasciata - Top view
2. Longhorn beetle - Leptura quadrifasciata
3. Leptura quadrifasciata
4. Leptura quadrifasciata - back view - beetle
5. Leptura quadrifasciata - Front view
6. Leptura quadrifasciata - Side view
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