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Anthrenus pimpinellae - Front view
Anthrenus pimpinellae - Front view

Anthrenus pimpinellae
Anthrenus pimpinellae belong to the genus Anthrenus, in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the suborder Polyphaga (water, rove, scarab, longhorn, leaf and snout beetles), the infraorder Bostrichiformia, the superfamily Bostrichoidea (carpet, powder-post and death-watch beetles), the family skin beetles (Dermestidae), the subfamily Megatominae (synonym Anthreninae) and the tribe Anthrenini. This species has several subspecies such as: Anthrenus pimpinellae pimpinellae, Anthrenus pimpinellae incertus, Anthrenus pimpinellae isabellinus and Anthrenus pimpinellae mroczkowskii. Anthrenus pimpinellae are commonly encountered throughout the world.
Anthrenus pimpinellae
Anthrenus pimpinellae
Adult Anthrenus pimpinellae reach body lengths of 2 - 4. 5 mm. Their bodies are relatively small and oval in shape. The upper surface is covered with scales and has a black base colour. The antennae have eleven segments, the last three of which form a club. The pronotum (neck plate) is covered with reddish-yellow and white scales, with darker patches in the middle and at the sides. The edges of the pronotum also have a distinct antennae furrow. Close to the middle of the black elytra ( wing covers) a broad white stripe can be seen, and there are white spots laterally at the end. The elytra have reddish scales at the seam where they meet and above the peaks.
En masse they (is this the beetle or the larvae) can cause considerable damage to textiles in houses or in storage. Moreover, they contaminate food stocks, making them unfit for human consumption.

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1. Anthrenus pimpinellae - Front view
2. Anthrenus pimpinellae
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