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Attagenus smirnovi
Attagenus smirnovi

Attagenus smirnovi
Attagenus smirnovi is a species of the genus Attagenus, in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the suborder Polyphaga, the infraorder Bostrichiformia, the superfamily Bostrichoidea, the family Dermestidae, and the subfamily Attageninae. Attagenus smirnovi possibly originated in Africa and spread to Russia and from Eastern Europe to Central Europe, Northern Europe and Western Europe. Since 1985 Attagenus smirnovi have also been found in Germany.
Adult Attagenus smirnovi reach body lengths of 2 - 5. 5 mm and are 2 - 2. 5 mm in width. Their bodies are oval shaped and have a black base colour. The head and pronotum are black to dark red or brown. In the male specimens the 11th antenna segment is sabre -shaped and four times the length of the previous two segments together. The antennae are reddish to yellow in colour. The head is standing upright and partially hidden behind the fore chest. The front tapered hips protrude. The elytra (forewings) are brown, reddish yellow or yellow in colour and covered with yellowish or light brown hairs. Attagenus smirnovi have reddish-yellow legs.
These beetles are predominantly diurnal and are often found near building openings as they attempt to enter in order to lay their eggs in the vicinity of possible food sources for their larvae. Fertilized females lay up to 60 eggs in small holes or other hiding places.
The larvae of Attagenus smirnovi are about 7 mm long with a bronze-brown upperside and a yellowish brown underside. The larvae avoid light and their development) is depending on environmental conditions (food, humidity, temperature), lasting about 1 year, during which they shed their skins about twelve times. The larvae feed on a variety of animal products, particularly substances in animal hair. When they are disturbed, they feign death.
The larvae present a major problem in homes and stores particularly when they occur en masse as they cause serious damage to textiles and their excrement can cause severe food contamination.

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1. Attagenus smirnovi
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