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Water beetle - Hydrophilidae
Water beetle - Hydrophilidae

Water scavenger beetles
Water scavenger beetles (Hydrophilidae) is a family in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the infraorder Staphyliniformia and the superfamily Hydrophyloidea. From the 2300 species which exist worldwide, around 109 are found in Germany. Among these (as in those found in Germany) species are: Hydrous piceus, Hydrochara caraboides, Hydrobius fuscipes, Anacaena limbata, Helochares obscurus, Sphaeridium scarabaeoides and Cryptopleurum minutum.
Adult water scavenger beetles reach body lengths of 1 - 50 mm. The shape and colour of these insects varies widely. Their bodies can be round, oval, elongated or compact and their colouring black, brown, yellowish-brown, red, reddish-yellow to yellowish green and dark green. The colours are combined in a variety of ways and the surface of the body can be dull or shiny. The conical shaped antennae of these insects are striking and can have 6 - 9 segments depending on species. On the lower jaw and lower lip are palpi which can be longer than the antennae. Water scavenger beetles hold air under their wing covers (elytra).
The females possess special glands to produce fibres which they use to build cocoons under water. Air is kept in these cocoons for the larvae to breathe. Water scavenger beetles feed on plants and rotting substances. Their larvae mostly live predatorily at the bottom of water bodies. Water scavenger beetles are very useful because they purify the water.

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1. Water beetle - Hydrophilidae
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