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Weevil - Sitona gressorius
Weevil - Sitona gressorius

Sitona gressorius
Sitona gressorius is a species in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the family snout beetles or curculios (Curculionidae), and the genus Sitona. This species is widespread in the warmer areas of Europe between the Mediterranean and the Baltic.
Beetle -  Sitona gressorius
Beetle - Sitona gressorius
Adult Sitona gressorius reach body lengths of 7 - 10 mm. Their bodies are covered with shiny dark brown, reddish brown, grey, whitish yellow and ochre scales. Their heads are strikingly narrow and long and bear oval, greenish eyes. A thin, light, well-defined central line is visible on the pronotum; it runs across the joints of the wings, becoming darker and more extended. The front chest scaly before each hip with a vortex. On scutellum the scales radially stand off. The legs are not "toothed".
Sitona gressorius - side face
Sitona gressorius - side face
Sitona gressorius prefer to live in marginal areas, where lupins are naturally present or are grown. Since 1999, they have been occurring on mass in the main lupin production areas in Germany causing extensive damage. The adult beetles feed on the margins of the leaves, especially on young plants, and leave jagged edges like those on stamps, while their larvae feed on the roots of the plants. The leaflets can be completely bitten through (blue lupine). Small and bird's-foot broom are also eaten by Sitona gressorius. In June, the young beetles of the new generation hatch. They often enter residential areas, occurring in houses to such an extent that they constitute a plague.

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1. Weevil - Sitona gressorius
2. Beetle - Sitona gressorius
3. Sitona gressorius - side face
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