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Typical Bug - Heteroptera - Elasmostethus interstinctus
Typical Bug - Heteroptera - Elasmostethus interstinctus (Pictures of bugs)

Bugs (Heteroptera)
Forest bug - Pentatoma rufipes
Forest bug - Pentatoma rufipes (Pictures of bugs)
Some examples are: bedbugs (Cimex lectularius), damsel bugs (Nabidae), Pentatomidae, fire bugs (Pyrrhocoridae), Tingidae, quash bugs (Coreidae), stilt bugs (Berytidae), flat bugs (Aradidae), assassin bugs and Miridae.
Green shield bug - Palomena prasina
Green shield bug - Palomena prasina (Pictures of bugs)
Heteroptera have a wide variety of forms. With regard to their habitat and way of life they also vary greatly. There are plant sucking species, predatory species and parasites such as the bedbug (Cimex lectularius). Their habitats range from forests and meadows to human dwellings. Some species prefer humid locations such as swamps, while others live in sand or salt, or in or on water. In rare cases they even appear on the open sea.
Liocoris tripustulatus
Liocoris tripustulatus (Pictures of bugs)
Striped stink bug -  black and red striped bug
Striped stink bug - black and red striped bug (Pictures of bugs)
Assassin bugs carry diseases. Furthermore mass occurrences of bugs such as the Aelia acuminata, the Eurydema oleracea or the Dolycoris baccarum cause damage to crops. The Lygaeus equestris, however, won the Insect of the Year 2007 Award. It feeds on plant juices and is completely harmless to humans.
Typical Bug - Firebug
Typical Bug - Firebug (Pictures of bugs)

Further chapters of "Bugs"
- Green shield bug
- Forest bug
- Liocoris tripustulatus
- Birch Catkin Bug
- Firebug
- Graphosoma lineatum
- Common Green Capsid
- Lygus pratensis
- Common Flower Bug
- Stenodema Laevigata
- hawthorn shield bug
- Spike Shouldered Stink Bug
- Parent Bug
- Birch Shield Bug
- Troilus luridus
- Gonocerus insidiator
- Shore Bugs
- Lace Bugs
  - Andromeda lace bug
- Capsid bugs
  - Plagiognathus arbustorum
  - Chlamydatus pullus
  - Excentricus planicornis
  - Alfalfa plant bug
  - Black kneed capsid
  - Campyloneura virgula
  - Harpocera thoracica
  - Deraeocoris ruber
- Scentless plant bugs
  - Rhopalus subrufus
- Flower bugs
- Stink Bugs
  - Half-spotted stink bug
  - Rhaphigaster nebulosa
  - Southern green stink bug
  - Ornate Shieldbug
  - Red shield bug
  - Carpocoris purpureipennis
  - Hairy Shieldbug
- Shield bugs
- Seed bugs & Chinch bugs
- Assassin bugs
  - Coranus aegyptius
  - Rhinocoris erythropus
- Leaf-footed Bugs
  - Rhombic Leatherbug
  - Dock Bug
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1. Typical Bug - Heteroptera - Elasmostethus interstinctus
2. Forest bug - Pentatoma rufipes
3. Green shield bug - Palomena prasina
4. Liocoris tripustulatus
5. Striped stink bug - black and red striped bug
6. Typical Bug - Firebug
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