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Chlamydatus pullus
Chlamydatus pullus

Chlamydatus pullus
Chlamydatus pullus, more precisely Chlamydatus (Euattus) pullus, belong to the subgenus Euattus and the genus Chlamydatus, in the order Hemiptera, the suborder typical bugs (Heteroptera), the infraorder Cimicomorpha, the superfamily Miroidea, the family capsid bugs (Miridae), the subfamily Phylinae, and the tribe Phylini. Chlamydatus pullus are very common and widespread.
Capsid bug - Chlamydatus (Euattus) pullus
Capsid bug - Chlamydatus (Euattus) pullus
This species is often found in areas with sparse vegetation and can be seen there on clover or other legumes. Chlamydatus pullus have black forewings, which are always fully developed in the adults. Their legs are predominantly yellow. Hair grows on the black spots, on the tibiae of the hind legs. The tips of the antennae are also yellow.

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1. Chlamydatus pullus
2. Capsid bug - Chlamydatus (Euattus) pullus
German Flag Chlamydatus pullus
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