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Forest bug in autumn colors
Forest bug in autumn colors

Forest bug
The forest bug (Pentatoma rufipes) belongs to the family Pentatomidae. It is one of the biggest bugs in Central Europe and can reach a length of 13 to 15 mm. In the summer, it is bronze coloured, in the autumn, dark brown in colour. The upper edges of the pronotum are strongly curved. The neck shield at the top lights in orange. The proboscis is very long. The legs and the first set of antennae are maroon coloured. The larvae of forest bugs are dark. With age they become lighter in colour, especially their abdomens.
Forest bug - Pentatoma rufipes
Forest bug - Pentatoma rufipes
Forest bug feed by sucking out the insides of fruit. They occasionally kill other insects and suck dead other arthropods (insects, arachnids, crustaceans etc). After mating, the females lay their eggs on top of a leaf. The larvae overwinter - unlike those of other kinds of shield bugs - under the bark of trees, and their further development takes place on broad-leaved trees.
Pentatoma rufipes
Pentatoma rufipes
The forest bug lives in forest edges, parks and in bushes in gardens, in oak, lime, and fruit trees, and mass occurrences lead to fruit damage. Attracted by the light, they also fly into human dwellings.
Forest bug - Front view
Forest bug - Front view
Head of a Forest bug
Head of a Forest bug
Forest bug - Abdominal
Forest bug - Abdominal
Forest bug - Abdominal - Macro
Forest bug - Abdominal - Macro

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1. Forest bug in autumn colors
2. Forest bug - Pentatoma rufipes
3. Pentatoma rufipes
4. Forest bug - Front view
5. Head of a Forest bug
6. Forest bug - Abdominal
7. Forest bug - Abdominal - Macro
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