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Red and black striped Stink bug - Graphosoma lineatum
Red and black striped Stink bug - Graphosoma lineatum

Graphosoma lineatum
Graphosoma lineatum is a species in the order true bugs (Hemiptera), the suborder typical bugs (Heteroptera), the superfamily Pentatomoidea, and the family stink bugs and shield bugs (Pentatomidae). Graphosoma lineatum are common and widespread in Central Europe, Southern Europe, Asia Minor and the Middle East. Adult Graphosoma lineatum reach body lengths of 8 - 12 mm. Their colouration and markings are very conspicuous and warn possible predators that they are inedible.
Graphosoma lineatum - Front view
Graphosoma lineatum - Front view
The entire upper surface of the body is red with longitudinal black stripes. The sides of the abdomen are red with black spots. The pronotum (already said upper surface is red) has six black stripes.
Shield bug - Graphosoma lineatum
Shield bug - Graphosoma lineatum
The head of the specimens is small. The pronotum is wide and followed by a large scutellum which reaches to the end of the abdomen. The antennae and legs are black. The underside of Graphosoma lineatum is red with black spots.
Stinkbug - Graphosoma lineatum - Front view
Stinkbug - Graphosoma lineatum - Front view
The larvae already have grazing patterns, but have not the red tint yet. Graphosoma lineatum prefer warm slopes and meadows located on the southern side.
Graphosoma lineatum - Rear View
Graphosoma lineatum - Rear View
They suck the juices from various plants, including Umbelliferae, hogweed and cow parsley.

Mating usually occurs in spring, but sometimes in summer. The females lay their eggs (by gluing them) in small groups on leaves and stems. After 8 - 10 days the larvae hatch and are guarded for a while. (sounds a bit vague) Graphosoma lineatum overwinter as adults.
Graphosoma lineatum - Abdominal
Graphosoma lineatum - Abdominal

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1. Red and black striped Stink bug - Graphosoma lineatum
2. Graphosoma lineatum - Front view
3. Shield bug - Graphosoma lineatum
4. Stinkbug - Graphosoma lineatum - Front view
5. Graphosoma lineatum - Rear View
6. Graphosoma lineatum - Abdominal
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