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Half-spotted stink bug - Graphosoma semipunctatum
Half-spotted stink bug - Graphosoma semipunctatum

Half-spotted stink bugs
Half-spotted stink bugs (Graphosoma semipunctatum) is a species of the genus Graphosoma, in the order true bugs (Hemiptera), the suborder typical bugs (Heteroptera), the infraorder Pentatomomorpha, the superfamily Pentatomoidea, the family stink bugs and shield bugs (Pentatomidae), the subfamily Podopinae and the tribe Graphosomatini. Graphosoma semipunctata is a scientific synonym for this species. Graphosoma semipunctatum are widespread in the Mediterranean region, but in this not common.
Adult half-spotted stink bugs reach body lengths of 10 - 15 mm. The body is black and red in colour. The pronotum is red with black edges and bears 10 black spots, which vary in shape and sometimes converge. The edges of the abdomen (connexives) have stripes lengthwise. The underside is spotted black. Half-spotted stink bugs can be confused with Graphosoma lineatum or Graphosoma italicum.
Half-spotted stink bugs prefer warm, sunny coastal areas with sandy soils, dunes and rich deposits of flowering plants, in particular the parsley family (Apiaceae). From April to September the half-spotted stink bug can be found mainly on beach thistle (Eryngium maritimum). It feeds on various plant parts. The half-spotted stink bug is ready to reproduce in September.

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1. Half-spotted stink bug - Graphosoma semipunctatum
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