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Male Red-nigger bumblebee - Bombus lapidarius
Male Red-nigger bumblebee - Bombus lapidarius

The red-tailed bumblebee
The red-tailed bumblebee (Bombus lapidarius) is one of the best-known bumblebee species in Central Europe. It is one of the colony building insects. Its body is mostly black, with the end of the abdomen being brownish red in colour. The male Bombus lapidarius has a yellow towel on its chest.
Approach of Red-nigger bumblebee from beneath
Approach of Red-nigger bumblebee from beneath
Bombus lapidarius nests in stone walls or clusters under piles of rocks. It is also found in straw in stables or in abandoned bird nests.

A colony of Bombus lapidarius comprises 100 to 200 workers. They prefer nectar from clover and deadnettles. In 2005, Bombus lapidarius was the Insect of the Year.
Bombus lapidarius
Bombus lapidarius
Head of Red-nigger bumblebee
Head of Red-nigger bumblebee
Bumblebee - Red-nigger bumblebee - female
Bumblebee - Red-nigger bumblebee - female

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1. Male Red-nigger bumblebee - Bombus lapidarius
2. Approach of Red-nigger bumblebee from beneath
3. Bombus lapidarius
4. Head of Red-nigger bumblebee
5. Bumblebee - Red-nigger bumblebee - female
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