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Auchenorrhyncha - Rhododendron leafhopper
Auchenorrhyncha - Rhododendron leafhopper (Pictures of cicadas)

Cicadas (Auchenorrhyncha) are a suborder in the order Hemiptera. This suborder is divided into the infraorders Cicadomorpha (cicadas, leafhoppers, treehoppers and spittlebugs) and planthoppers (Fulgoromorpha). Auchenorrhyncha are found throughout the world and this suborder comprises, approximately 40000 species.
Cicade - Eupteryx melissae - Sage leafhopper
Cicade - Eupteryx melissae - Sage leafhopper (Pictures of cicadas)
Planthoppers includes the following families: Delphacidae, Cixiidae, Tettigometridae, Achilidae, Tropiduchidae, Dictyopharidae, Issidae, Caliscelidae and Flatidae. Some examples of Cicadomorpha families are: Cicadidae, Membracidae, Cercopidae, Aphrophoridae and Cicadellidae.
Cicade - Rose Leafhopper
Cicade - Rose Leafhopper (Pictures of cicadas)
Auchenorrhyncha reach body lengths of 1.8 - 70 mm. In resting position, their wings form a roof shape. The proboscis is found on the underside of the head. The antennae consist of 2 basal segments and have a flagellum. Cicadas have a very distinct colouration and use camouflage to adapt to the local environment. Some species are highly patterned. The hind legs of Auchenorrhyncha are designedfor jumping. Auchenorrhyncha can be confused with grasshoppers.
Cicada - Typhlocyba rosae
Cicada - Typhlocyba rosae (Pictures of cicadas)
Auchenorrhyncha feed on the sweet juices of individual or multiple plant species. They move by flying forwards, running or jumping. They develop from egg to larva and from their last larval stage to adult insects without pupating. Auchenorrhyncha produce sounds. However, only those of the Cicadidae can be perceived by humans.

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3. Cicade - Rose Leafhopper
4. Cicada - Typhlocyba rosae
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