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Crane fly - Tipulidae on a wet leaf
Crane fly - Tipulidae on a wet leaf (Pictures fom Crane flies)

Crane flies (Tipulidae)
The crane flies (Tipulidae) are also known as mosquito hawks, mosquito eaters, skeeter eaters, gallinippers, gollywhoppers and jimmy spinners. They are a family in the order two-winged flies (Diptera) and in the suborder Nematocera. There are approximately 4000 species of crane flies worldwide, 140 of which occur in Germany.
Crane fly - Tipulidae
Crane fly - Tipulidae (Pictures fom Crane flies)
Crane flies (Tipulidae) can reach body lengths of up to 40 mm and wing spans of 50 mm. Their bodies are longish with different patterns and colours (grey, brown, yellow, black or red). Their wings are slim and often have black spots. The legs are stilt-like and very long. The antennae are different lengths in different species. Crane flies can only ingest liquids with their mouthparts. They are not able to sting.
Crane fly Nephrotoma quadrifaria on nettle
Crane fly Nephrotoma quadrifaria on nettle (Pictures fom Crane flies)
Crane flies are active in different seasons and often form small swarms in the evenings. They live off water or nectar.
Crane fly - side face - Nephrotoma
Crane fly - side face - Nephrotoma (Pictures fom Crane flies)
Egg-laying (up to several hundred eggs in a lifetime) is done with an ovipositor in moist soil orin the mud at the bottom of a body of water. The larvae reach body lengths of about 50 mm and live on plant roots, which they eat. They pupate in the soil or in rotten wood. Crane fly larvae can cause significant damage to crops.

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1. Crane fly - Tipulidae on a wet leaf
2. Crane fly - Tipulidae
3. Crane fly Nephrotoma quadrifaria on nettle
4. Crane fly - side face - Nephrotoma
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