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Ruddy Darter - Sympetrum sanguineum
Ruddy Darter - Sympetrum sanguineum

Ruddy darter
The ruddy darter (Sympetrum sanguineum) belongs to the genus darters (Sympetrum), in the order dragonflies, the family skimmers (Libellulidae) and the subfamily Sympetrinae. It is commonly encountered in Europe.
Ruddy Darter - front view
Ruddy Darter - front view
The ruddy darter reaches body lengths of 40 - 45 mm and wingspans of 50 - 60 mm. The abdomen of the male ruddy darter widens in the final third and is bright red in colour, while the abdomen of the female often appears yellowish-brown to ochre, or red. Their bodies have black markings. The legs are always completely black.
They fly in the months of July to September. The adult ruddy darter prefers to live on small bodies of water. It feeds on small insects caught during flight.

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1. Ruddy Darter - Sympetrum sanguineum
2. Ruddy Darter - front view
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