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Flies (Pictures of Flies)

Flies (Brachycera)
Brachycera are a suborder of the Diptera. Due to the manner in which they leave the pupa, they are classified as the subgroups Orthorrhapha and Cyclorrhapha.
Drosophilidae (red eyes)
Drosophilidae (red eyes) (Pictures of Flies)
The life span of Brachycera is often only a number of days or weeks, with the larvae stage occupying most of that period. The adults of Brachycera are active in Central Europe from April to October. During the winter the animals (in all stages of development) live in safe habitats.
Diptera - Sapromyza yellow
Diptera - Sapromyza yellow (Pictures of Flies)
Brachycera feed on living or dead organic matter. Due to a high mortality rate Brachycera have to lay eggs very often in order to survive but their birth rate depends on the climate and food supply.

Flies are capable of adapting to their environment. This allows them to walk on flat surfaces.
Diptera - Head of fly with facets eyes
Diptera - Head of fly with facets eyes (Pictures of Flies)
When Brachycera occur in large masses they can be very annoying and can, in certain cases, lead to significant damage to agriculture, especially in the meat and milk production industry. Due to the fact that some species of Brachycera t very often reside in feces and carcasses, they can transfer diseases. Some general examples of Brachycera are : Blow-flies, house flies and Muscidae.

The Drosophilidae, or fruit flies, of which about 3,000 species are known worldwide, can cause significant damage to orchards or individual trees.
Brachycera - Top view
Brachycera - Top view (Pictures of Flies)
Fly - Brachycera
Fly - Brachycera (Pictures of Flies)

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1. Flies
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3. Diptera - Sapromyza yellow
4. Diptera - Head of fly with facets eyes
5. Brachycera - Top view
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