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Blow fly - Calliphoridae
Blow fly - Calliphoridae

Blow-flies (Calliphoridae) are a family within the suborder Brachycera, order Diptera. Blow-flies are found in virtually all habitats. There are approximately 1,000 species worldwide, 45 of which can be found in Germany. Some examples of blow-flies are: Calliphora vicina, bird blowflies, common green bottle flies and Melinda.
Blow-fly -  Calliphora vicina
Blow-fly - Calliphora vicina
The size of the blow-fly varies greatly. For the sake of example the Cynomya mortuorum can reach a body length of up to 18 mm. The body of the blow-fly is compact and often shiny metallic blue, green or golden-green in colour. In addition to their well developed compound eyes and antennae, the blow flies use their sense of touch (feet and legs) for guidance. The smell sensors are also located on the legs and feet.
Bluish shimmering blow-fly with a drop on its mouth
Bluish shimmering blow-fly with a drop on its mouth
Blow-flies have a preference for strongly smelling organic substances. Their mouth parts form a proboscis with which they can lick. They feed on nectar, pollen, honeydew, fungi, carrion and food waste.

Blow-flies usually lay their eggs (up to several hundred at one time) in strongly smelling organic substances such as feces or carrion. The excretions of the larvae can be problematic for humans. therefore meat which has been in contact with them should not be eaten. Due to the fact that they carry germs, blow flies are known to spread diseases.

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1. Blow fly - Calliphoridae
2. Blow-fly - Calliphora vicina
3. Bluish shimmering blow-fly with a drop on its mouth
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