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Vinegar Fly - Drosophilidae
Vinegar Fly - Drosophilidae

Drosophilidae are a family of flies. About 3000 species occur worldwide, approximately 50 of which can be found in Germany. Drosophilidae are usually 2 mm in length but can reach body lengths of 1-6 mm. They live in forests, forest edges and in areas populated by humans. They prefer compost heaps and all places in which fruits are stored or grown. Many species are thus described as hemerophilous.
Vinegar Fly
Vinegar Fly
Female Drosophilidae lay up to 400 eggs in decomposing plant material or in other substrates, which the hatching larvae then feed on. The development of the larvae takes place in 3 stages over about two weeks. The larvae feed on dead parts of plants or rotting fruits. They mainly eat the microorganisms which are involved in the decomposition of plant materials. The larvae of other species are omnivorous and eat their way through plant stems or leaves. Others live off fungal cultures or prey on omnivorous insects. Drosophilidae reproduce several times a year.

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1. Vinegar Fly - Drosophilidae
2. Vinegar Fly
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