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Common Yellow Dung fly - Scatophaga stercoraria - side face
Common Yellow Dung fly - Scatophaga stercoraria - side face

Dung flies
Dung flies (Scatophagidae) belong to the order Diptera , the suborder Brachycera and to the superfamily Muscoidea, within which they form a separate family. Dung flies are found throughout the world. There are approximately 300 species worldwide, of which about 100 are known in Europe and up to 140 in North America . Some examples are: common yellow dung fly (Scathophaga stercoraria), Coproica acutangula, Parallelomma vittatum, Scathophaga litorea and Lotophila atra.
Dung fly - presumably  Scathophaga furcata
Dung fly - presumably Scathophaga furcata
Dung flies reach body lengths of 3-14 mm. The various species are largely distinguishable by their hair coat alone. The larvae have long appendages at the end of their abdomens.
Dung Fly - Scatophagidae
Dung Fly - Scatophagidae
While the adults of some dung fly species prey on small insects or larvae, other types live off feces. The larvae eat parts of plants (leaves, cambium, boll) and rotting plants , or live off feces like the adults.

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1. Common Yellow Dung fly - Scatophaga stercoraria - side face
2. Dung fly - presumably Scathophaga furcata
3. Dung Fly - Scatophagidae
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