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Fly - Flesh-fly
Fly - Flesh-fly

Flesh flies
Flesh flies (Sarcophagidae) are a family of the order Diptera. There are approximately 2500 species worldwide of which 10 are found in Germany. The family of Flesh flies is divided in 2 genera, Sarcophaga and Senotaina. In Germany, the marbled-grey flesh fly (Sarcophaga carnaria) is the most common.
Flesh-fly - Sacrophagidae
Flesh-fly - Sacrophagidae
Flesh flies reach body lengths of up to 15 mm and can be black or grey. They have a marking on their abdomens which resembles a chessboard and dark stripes, lengthwise on their chests. The mouth parts are designed to suck up liquids and they feed on nectar, resin from trees, rotting fruits and honeydew.
Flesh-fly - top view
Flesh-fly - top view
The larvae of flesh flies are known as maggots. In the first stage of their development they breathe through their skin. However from the third larval stage on, they use their tracheal system. Maggots feed on animal substrates, some also on carrion. Others are parasitoids and live on earthworms, snails, scorpions, cockroaches, beetles and cicadas.
Flesh-fly - Sacrophagidae - side view
Flesh-fly - Sacrophagidae - side view
Sacrophagidae - top view
Sacrophagidae - top view

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1. Fly - Flesh-fly
2. Flesh-fly - Sacrophagidae
3. Flesh-fly - top view
4. Flesh-fly - Sacrophagidae - side view
5. Sacrophagidae - top view
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