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Yellow swarming fly
Yellow swarming fly

Frit flies
Frit flies (Chloropidae), also known as grass flies, are a family of flies in the order Diptera and are encountered throughout the world. There are approximately 2000 species worldwide, 178 of which can be found in Central Europe. Some examples of frit flies are: Lipara lucens , Oscinella frit , gout fly (Chlorops pumilionis), yellow swarming fly (haumatomyia notata) and Meromyza saltatrix.

Frit flies reach body lengths of 2-7 mm. Their bodies can be yellow, orange, brown, dark brown or black in colour, depending on which species they are. They have strong mouth parts, but their front wings and halteres are often weak. They do not fly, but use their strong, well-developed, hairy legs to move.

Frit flies are mainly active in autumn and can often be found in large numbers on lawns. Frit flies also often enter human dwellings, en masse where they are perceived as an annoyance.

Frit flies feed on sugary liquids such as nectar or honeydew. The females lay their eggs on the leaves of plants (mostly grasses), mushrooms, flowers or fruits. The hatched larvae then live inside the plants on which they feed. Some species of larvae prey on insects, other species feed on dead plant parts.

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