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Anomoia purmunda
Anomoia purmunda

Anomoia purmunda
Anomoia purmunda belong to the family fruit flies (Tephritidae). In Europe this species is common and widespread. The adult flies reach body lengths of 4-5 mm. Their wings (in terms of identification) have significant dark markings. They are dark at the base. In the upper half of the wings you can see radial bends. One of them reaches the rim and runs to the tip of the wing. The females have a short ovipositor on their abdomens.
Fly - Anomoia purmunda
Fly - Anomoia purmunda
Anomoia purmunda live in forests edges and are common in gardens. They are active from April to autumn. This species reproduces once a year.

The fertilized females of Anomoia purmunda lay their eggs in holes bored into the fruit of hawthorn. The larvae develop in the fruit and feed on it. In autumn they pupate and overwinter in the soil.

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1. Anomoia purmunda
2. Fly - Anomoia purmunda
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