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Dark giant horsefly - Tabanus sudeticus
Dark giant horsefly - Tabanus sudeticus

Tabanus sudeticus
Tabanus sudeticus are the largest species of horse fly in Central Europe. They are widespread throughout the entire Palearctic eco-zone.

Tabanus sudeticus reach body lengths of 19-25 mm. Their base colour is grey-brown. Their compound eyes are dark brown. The thorax of these flies is olive-brown to grey and has 3 weak longitudinal lines, which are somewhat brighter in colour. The dark brown segments at the rear end of the abdomen have a light-brown edge which gets wider at the sides. There is an even lighter coloured triangle in the middle of each of the 2nd to 5th segments.
Dark giant horsefly - Tabanus sudeticus -  front view
Dark giant horsefly - Tabanus sudeticus - front view
Tabanus sudeticus are active from June to August, mainly on pastures. They can be recognized by their clearly audible hum. The females suck blood, mostly from horses and cattle.

The females lay their white, oblong eggs on plants in disorderly piles. Their larvae are whitish-green. They live in the soil and feed on rotting parts of plants and small organisms, which they kill by injecting them with poison, using their mouth parts.

Tabanus sudeticus are considered to be disease carriers, particularly of the EIA virus.

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1. Dark giant horsefly - Tabanus sudeticus
2. Dark giant horsefly - Tabanus sudeticus - front view
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