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Housefly - Musca domestica
Housefly - Musca domestica

The housefly (Musca domestica), also called house fly, house-fly or common housefly, belongs to the genus Musca, in the order Diptera, the suborder Brachycera and the family Muscidae. This species is commonly encountered almost everywhere in the world.
The housefly reaches body lengths of 5-8 mm. The body is covered in hair and largely grey in colour with 4 dark, longitudinal stripes on the chest. The underside is yellowish. The housefly has a proboscis and red compound eyes, which are farther apart on the head of the females than on the males. The housefly cannot sting. The life span of the housefly is approximately 16 to 24 days, the males mostly dying earlier than the females.
The females lay 100 to 150 eggs in garbage, compost, food or excrement. The larvae (maggots) hatch within a day and immediately start feeding on the rotting substrates surrounding them. The larvae have no legs and there is no clear separation between their heads and bodies. The maggots later pupate and remain as pupae for about 3-8 days before hatching as adult flies. 3 days after hatching they reach sexual maturity. A single female may produce 900 new houseflies within one month.
Houseflies are capable of developing resistance to pesticides and as they transmit various diseases, are considered to be a danger to humans and animals.

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1. Housefly - Musca domestica
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