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Sphaerophoria scripta - female
Sphaerophoria scripta - female

Sphaerophoria scripta
Sphaerophoria scripta is a species in the order two-winged flies (Diptera), the suborder Brachycera, the infraorder Cyclorrhapha, and the family hoverflies (Syrphidae). This species is widespread and common in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America.
Sphaerophoria scripta
Sphaerophoria scripta
Adult Sphaerophoria scripta reach body lengths of 8 - 11 mm and are thus the longest hoverflies. Their abdomens are long and very thin. They have a distinctive marking which can vary They are black and yellow in colour. The males abdomen is club shaped and the femalesí is ovoid. The face and the forehead are bright yellow. Their eyes are hairless. They have reddish-yellow antennae. The thorax has brownish yellow stripes on its sides. The wings are transparent and significantly shorter than the body. The legs are yellow.
Sphaerophoria scripta - male
Sphaerophoria scripta - male
Sphaerophoria scripta are found from May to September in almost all habitats, especially in open terrain. They can be found in the flowers of many different plants, feeding on pollen and nectar and can gain access to deep blossoms with their long proboscises.
Hoverfly - Sphaerophoria scripta
Hoverfly - Sphaerophoria scripta
After mating, the females lay about 150 - 320 eggs in colonies of aphids, which are the food for their larvae. The larvae overwinter and pupate in spring of the following year.
Sphaerophoria scripta flying
Sphaerophoria scripta flying
Fly - Sphaerophoria scripta
Fly - Sphaerophoria scripta
Sphaerophoria scripta - female front view
Sphaerophoria scripta - female front view
Female Sphaerophoria scripta
Female Sphaerophoria scripta
Sphaerophoria scripta - hoverfly
Sphaerophoria scripta - hoverfly
Sphaerophoria scripta - side face
Sphaerophoria scripta - side face
Sphaerophoria scripta - top view
Sphaerophoria scripta - top view

Sphaerophoria scripta
Common namesHover Fly
German namesStiftschwebfliege, Gemeine Langbauchschwebfliege, Langbauchschwebfliege, Gemeine Stiftschwebfliege, Gewöhnliche Langbauchschwebfliege
Dutch namesGrote Langlijf
Danish namesAlmindelig kuglebærerflue
Finnish namesIsohoikkakirvari
Swedish namesTaggsländfluga
French namesSyrphe porte-plume
AuthorCarl von Linné (Carl Nilsson Linnæus), 1758

North Europe (British Isles (United Kingdom (Great Britain (England (English Midlands (East Midlands (Leicestershire)), North England (Northwest England (Cheshire))))), Ireland), Germany (West Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)), Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), Fennoscandia (Finland (Åland Islands)), Baltic region (Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia)), Iceland), West Europe (Austria, France (South France (Corsica)), Switzerland, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)), South Europe (Italy (Italy Islands (Sicily, Sardinia), North Italy, South Italy), Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal)), Central Europe (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia), Southeast Europe (Greece)
Far East (East Asia (China, Mongolia)), West Asia (Near East (Turkey, Iran)), South Asia (Afghanistan), Central Asia (Turkestan (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan)), North Asia
Siberia (West Siberia (West Siberian Plain), South Siberia (South Siberian mountains), Middle Siberia), Ural
North Africa
North America
Canada, USA, Greenland

Ecozones: Nearctic

CountriesAfghanistan, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, USA, United Kingdom
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1. Sphaerophoria scripta - female
2. Sphaerophoria scripta
3. Sphaerophoria scripta - male
4. Hoverfly - Sphaerophoria scripta
5. Sphaerophoria scripta flying
6. Fly - Sphaerophoria scripta
7. Sphaerophoria scripta - female front view
8. Female Sphaerophoria scripta
9. Sphaerophoria scripta - hoverfly
10. Sphaerophoria scripta - side face
11. Sphaerophoria scripta - top view
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Sphaerophoria scripta
Hover Fly
AuthorLinnaeus, 1758
Melithreptus dispar
Musca invisito
Musca libatrix
Musca molita
Musca scripta
Sphaerophoria brunettii
Sphaerophoria dispar
Sphaerophoria invisito
Sphaerophoria molita
Sphaerophoria scutellata
Sphaerophoria strigata
Sphaerophoria violacea
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German Flag Gemeine Stiftschwebfliege
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