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Lauxaniid fly - Lauxaniidae
Lauxaniid fly - Lauxaniidae

Lauxaniid flies
Some examples of genera are: Lauxania, Neogriphoneura, Cestrotus, Homoneura, Phobeticomyia, Minettia, Prosopomyia, Sapromyza, Tricholauxania, Aulogastromyia, Calliopum, Cnemacantha, Eusapromyza, Homoneura, Meiosimyza, Pachycerina, Peplomyza, Poecilolycia, Pseudolyciella, Tricholauxania and Trigonometopus.
Some examples of species are: Aulogastromyia anisodactyla, Calliopum aeneum, Calliopum elisae, Calliopum simillimum, Cnemacantha muscaria, Eusapromyza multipunctata, Homoneura biumbrata, Homoneura lamellata, Homoneura mediospinosa, Homoneura patelliformis, Lauxania (Czernushka) albomaculata, Lauxania (Lauxania) cylindricornis, Meiosimyza affinis, Meiosimyza decempunctata, Meiosimyza decipiens, Meiosimyza laeta, Meiosimyza mihalyii, Meiosimyza platycephala, Meiosimyza rorida, Meiosimyza subfasciata, Minettia (Frendelia) austriaca, Minettia (Frendelia) longipennis, Minettia (Minettia) fasciata, Minettia (Minettia) lupulina, Minettia (Minettia) plumicornis, Minettia (Minettia) tabidiventris, Minettia (Plesiominettia) filia, Minettia (Plesiominettia) loewi, Pachycerina pulchra, Pachycerina seticornis, Peplomyza discoidea, Peplomyza litura, Poecilolycia vittata, Pseudolyciella pallidiventris, Pseudolyciella stylata, Sapromyza (Nannomyza) basalis, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) albiceps, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) albuliceps, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) apicalis, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) intonsa, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) obscuripennis, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) obsoleta, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) opaca, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) schnabli, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) sexpunctata, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) viciespunctata, Sapromyza (Sapromyza) zetterstedti, Sapromyza (Sapromyzosoma) quadricincta, Sapromyza (Sapromyzosoma) quadripunctata, Sapromyza (Schumannimyia) hyalinata, Tricholauxania praeusta and Trigonometopus frontalis.
Adult lauxaniid flies reach body lengths of up to 5 mm. Their bodies are stocky and often bright yellow to yellowy-orange in colour. Their sparse hair and long dark bristles are very striking. The head bears large compound eyes which are often red. Many species have patterned wings. Lauxaniid fly larvae live in rotting leaves and are also often found in birds' nests.

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1. Lauxaniid fly - Lauxaniidae
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