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Meiosimyza rorida
Meiosimyza rorida

Meiosimyza rorida
Meiosimyza rorida belong to the order Diptera, the suborder Brachycera, the infraorder Muscomorpha - Section: Schizophora; Subsection: Acalyptrate muscoids (Acalyptratae), the superfamily Lauxanioidea, the familyLauxaniidae and to the genus Meiosimyza. Scientific synonyms for Meiosimyza rorida are: Lyciella rorida and Lycia rorida. This species is commonly found throughout the Palearctic.
Lauxaniidae - Meiosimyza rorida
Lauxaniidae - Meiosimyza rorida
Meiosimyza rorida reach body lengths of up to 4 mm. Their round, yellowish, reddish and beige coloured bodies are covered in dark, widely spaced bristles. The head is yellowish-white, with a broad face and dark stripes of bristles at the top. The compound eyes are large and reddish. The chest (thorax) is reddish-yellow and covered with long individual bristles. The scutellum is light yellow and has individual bristles along its edges. The abdomen and thorax are separated by a narrow ‘waist’, resembling that of wasps.
Meiosimyza rorida - flying
Meiosimyza rorida - flying
Females sometimes have two pins on the sides of the 4th segment of the abdomen, which can be retracted, and are possibly used as a stimulant during mating. The ovipositor is at the end of the female’s abdomen and has a telescope-like shape. There are also dark bristles on the flies’ abdominal segments. The wings are transparent. When the wings are outspread, two very short, parallel veins are visible near the root of the wings. The rear vein is weaker and often only looks like a fold. The legs are yellowish-beige. An identifying characteristic of Meiosimyza rorida is the row of black bristles located on the thighs of the first leg pair.
Meiosimyza rorida are active from May to October in Central Europe, and prefer to live in the herb layers of deciduous forests, where they can be encountered moving slowly on leaves and stems. When disturbed, they hide. Females lay their eggs in rotting leaves, which the larvae feed on after hatching.

Meiosimyza rorida
AuthorFallen, 1820

North Europe (British Isles (United Kingdom (Great Britain)), Germany, Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), Fennoscandia (Finland)), South Europe (Italy (North Italy)), West Europe (France, Switzerland, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands)), Central Europe (Czech Republic)
North America
Canada (British Columbia)

Ecozones: Nearctic

Distribution by Synonymus:
Lyciella rorida   Europe, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Norway
Sapromyza rorida   Belgium
Lyciella rorida   Netherlands, Denmark, Nearctic, North Italy
CountriesBelgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
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1. Meiosimyza rorida
2. Lauxaniidae - Meiosimyza rorida
3. Meiosimyza rorida - flying
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Synonyms - Lauxaniidae - Bristles - Yellowish - Abdomen - Dark - Reddish - Wings
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Lauxaniid flies, Beach flies
Meiosimyza rorida
AuthorFallen, 1820
Lycia flava
Lyciella rorida
Sapromyza rorida
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