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Dune robberfly
Dune robberfly

Dune robberfly
The dune robberfly (Philonicus albiceps) belongs to the family robber flies, in the order Diptera. In Germany, they are commonly found in moraine landscapes (a mass of rocks and sediment swept along and deposited by a glacier), especially in the northwest, as well as in sandy riversides or dunes.

The dune robberfly reaches body lengths of 13-20 mm. The abdomen is grey; the upper surface is covered with large brown spots. The legs are long, strong, and black.

Dune robberflies live in sandy places. They prey on other insects and are very good hunters. They often sit on the bare, hot sand waiting for their prey which they catch and sting in the air.

The dune robberfly is active from June to September. The females have a ring of spikes at the end of their ovipositors which they use to make a hollow in the sand to lay their eggs in. The larvae usually move deeper into the sand after hatching.
Dune robberfly - Philonicus albiceps - cleaning its head
Dune robberfly - Philonicus albiceps - cleaning its head

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1. Dune robberfly
2. Dune robberfly - Philonicus albiceps - cleaning its head
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