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Tachina Fly - Tachinidae
Tachina Fly - Tachinidae

Tachina flies
Tachina flies (Tachinidae), also called tachinids, are a family in the order Diptera. Approximately 8200 species are encountered throughout the world. About 500, are found in Europe. The tachina flies are divided into 4 subfamilies, known as Phasiinae, Dexiinae, Tachininae and Exoristinae.
Tachinidae - Gymnosoma rotundatum
Tachinidae - Gymnosoma rotundatum
These predominantly diurnal flies reach body lengths of 2-20 mm, with the length varying according to what species they are. They are primarily black in colour with grey tires. They are often very hairy, especially their abdomens. Tachina flies can be identified by their scutellum. This bulges at the rear edge of the upper side of the chest - just like a bead segment. Their sensors are tripartite. At the front of their heads there are sucking (sometimes piercing and sucking) mouth parts.

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1. Tachina Fly - Tachinidae
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