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Cylindromyia brassicaria - Tachinid fly
Cylindromyia brassicaria - Tachinid fly

Cylindromyia brassicaria
Cylindromyia brassicaria,(synonym Ocyptera brassicaria) is a species of the genus Cylindromyia, in the order two-winged flies (Diptera), the suborder true flies (Brachycera), the infraorder Muscomorpha (section: Schizophora, subsection: Calyptrata), the superfamily Oestroidea, the family tachinid flies (Tachinidae), the subfamily Phasiinae, and the tribe Cylindromyiini.
Cylindromyia brassicaria have an elongated abdomen. The rear edge of the or upper surface of the chest (postscutellum) bulges. This species of tachinids is diurnal and feeds on the nectar of flowering plants as well as honeydew.
After mating, the fertilized females lay their eggs inside or even on the surface of larger adult stink bugs. The female achieves this by holding the host insect in a complicated clamp apparatus. The females have no ovipositors.
The larvae hatch and then overwinter in their hosts. They leave in June of the following year by boring their way out through the outer skin of the host. In general, this infestation does not kill the stink bugs. The Cylindromyia brassicaria larvae then pupate.

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1. Cylindromyia brassicaria - Tachinid fly
German Flag Cylindromyia brassicaria
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