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Taxonomy for Sphecodes (Cuckoo Miner Bees)
Insecta (Linnaeus, 1758) (Insects) - Systematics
 2680 families, 140885 genera, 1879502 species
Pterygota (Lang, 1888) (Winged insects)
 2543 families, 136697 genera, 1874857 species
Neoptera (Van Der Wulp, 1890) (Wing-folding insects)
 2226 families, 134478 genera, 1856979 species
Holometabola (Heider, 1889) (Holometabolous Insects)
 1216 families, 102024 genera, 1593949 species
Hymenoptera (Linnaeus, 1758) (Wasps) - Systematics
 198 families, 13904 genera, 255130 species
Apocrita (Gerstaecker, 1867) (True wasps)
 154 families, 12865 genera, 245517 species
Aculeata (Latreille, 1802) (Stinging wasps)
 59 families, 4515 genera, 121481 species
Apoidea (Latreille, 1802) (Solitary Bees)
 21 families, 1360 genera, 43151 species
Apiformes (Brothers, 1975) (Bees)
 7 families, 884 genera, 30094 species
Halictidae (Thomson, 1869) (Sweat bees) - Systematics
 158 genera, 5889 species
Halictinae (Thomson, 1869)
 87 genera, 4790 species
Halictiti (Thomson, 1869)
 67 genera, 4699 species
Halictini (Thomson, 1869)
 20 genera, 3821 species
Sphecodina (Schenck, 1868)
 1 genus, 372 species
Sphecodes (Latreille, 1804) (Cuckoo Miner Bees)
 371 species and subspecies in 363 Species and 3 Subgenera
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Common namesCuckoo Miner Bees, Parasitic sweat bee, Cuckoo Bee
German namesBlutbienen, Buckelbienen, Rotbienen
Dutch namesBloedbijen
Danish namesBlodbi
Swedish namesBlodbin
AuthorLatreille, 1804

Europe (South Europe, North Europe, West Europe, Central Europe, Southeast Europe, East Europe), Asia (West Asia, Far East, South Asia, Central Asia), Russia, Caucasus (Armenia)
Australasia (Australia)
North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Macaronesia), East Africa (Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Indian Ocean islands, Ethiopia), Southern Africa (Republic South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho), West Africa (Benin)
North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Caribbean (Caribbean islands), South America (Argentina, Colombia, Chile), Central America (Panama, Costa Rica)


West Palaearctic

CountriesAfghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, USA, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe
Taxonomic statusSynonymus of Cabera
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Subgenus    Sphecodes Austrosphecodes (Michener, 1978)
     0 species
Subgenus    Sphecodes Callosphecodes (Friese, 1909)
     0 species
Subgenus    Sphecodes Sphecodes (Latreille, 1804) (Cuckoo Miner Bees)
     1 species
Species    Sphecodes abessinicus (Friese, 1915)
Species    Sphecodes abuensis (Nurse, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes abyssinicus (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes aeneiceps (Friese, 1917)
Species    Sphecodes affinis (Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes aino (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes akitanus (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes albifrons (Smith, 1879)
Species    Sphecodes albilabris (Fabricius, 1793) - 2 subspecies
Species    Sphecodes albociliatus (Meyer, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes alfkeni (Meyer, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes algoensis (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes alternatus (Smith, 1853)
Species    Sphecodes amakusensis (Yasumatsu & Hirashima, 1951)
Species    Sphecodes anatolicus (Warncke, 1992)
Species    Sphecodes andinus (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes angarensis (Cockerell, 1937)
Species    Sphecodes anonymus (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes antennariae (Robertson, 1891)
Species    Sphecodes apicatus (Smith, 1853)
Species    Sphecodes arequipae (Meyer, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes argentinus (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes armeniacus (Warncke, 1992)
Species    Sphecodes arnoldi (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes aroniae (Mitchell, 1960)
Species    Sphecodes arroyanus (Cockerell, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes arvensiformis (Cockerell, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes asclepiadis (Cockerell, 1898)
Species    Sphecodes aspericollis (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes assamensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes atlanticus (Warncke, 1992)
Species    Sphecodes atlantis (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes atriapicatus (Strand, 1912)
Species    Sphecodes autumnalis (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes awaensis (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes bakeri (Cockerell, 1915)
Species    Sphecodes banaszaki (Nobile & Turrisi, 2004)
Species    Sphecodes banksii (Lovell, 1909)
Species    Sphecodes baratonis (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes barbatus (Blüthgen, 1923)
Species    Sphecodes basalis (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes baueri
Species    Sphecodes biroi (Friese, 1909)
Species    Sphecodes bischoffi (Meyer, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes bogotensis (Meyer, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes bonaerensis (Holmberg, 1886)
Species    Sphecodes borealis (Cockerell, 1937)
Species    Sphecodes brachycephalus (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes brasiliensis (Schrottky, 1910)
Species    Sphecodes braunsi (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes breviclypeatus (Tsuneki, 1984)
Species    Sphecodes bruchi (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes brunneipes (Friese, 1914)
Species    Sphecodes californicus (Meyer, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes campadellii (Nobile & Turrisi, 2004)
Species    Sphecodes candidus (Meyer, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes capensis (Cameron, 1905)
Species    Sphecodes capriciosus (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes capverdensis (Pauly & Laroche, 2002)
Species    Sphecodes carolinus (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes castaneae (Mitchell, 1960)
Species    Sphecodes centralis (Cockerell, 1938)
Species    Sphecodes cephalotes (Meyer, 1920)
Species    Sphecodes chaprensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes chibaensis (Tsuneki, 1984)
Species    Sphecodes chichibuensis (Tsuneki, 1986)
Species    Sphecodes chichibuus (Tsuneki, 1986)
Species    Sphecodes chilensis (Spinola, 1851)
Species    Sphecodes chinensis (Meyer, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes chionospilus (Cockerell, 1911) - 1 subspecies
Species    Sphecodes clematidis (Robertson, 1897)
Species    Sphecodes clypeatus (Friese, 1917)
Species    Sphecodes collaris (Spinola, 1843)
Species    Sphecodes columbiae (Cockerell, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes combai (Nobile & Turrisi, 2004)
Species    Sphecodes confertus (Say, 1837)
Species    Sphecodes confusus (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes congoensis (Benoist, 1950)
Species    Sphecodes connexus (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes convergens (Michener, 1978)
Species    Sphecodes coptis (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes cordillerensis (Jörgensen, 1912)
Species    Sphecodes cordovensis (Cockerell, 1919)
Species    Sphecodes coriae (Moure & Hurd, 1987)
Species    Sphecodes coronus (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes costaricensis (Friese, 1917)
Species    Sphecodes crassanus (Warncke, 1992)
Species    Sphecodes crassicornis (Smith, 1879)
Species    Sphecodes crassus (Thomson, 1870)
Species    Sphecodes crawfordi (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes cressonii (Robertson, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes cribrata (Schilling, 1826)
Species    Sphecodes cristatus (Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes croaticus (Meyer, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes cyprius
Species    Sphecodes daishi (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes dathei (Schwarz, 2010)
Species    Sphecodes davisii (Robertson, 1897)
Species    Sphecodes decorus (Cameron, 1897)
Species    Sphecodes desertus (Nurse, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes dichroa (Smith, 1853)
Species    Sphecodes dichrous (Smith, 1853)
Species    Sphecodes dilutus (Cockerell, 1936)
Species    Sphecodes diremptus (Cockerell, 1932)
Species    Sphecodes discrepans (Cockerell, 1932)
Species    Sphecodes dissimilandus (Cameron, 1897)
Species    Sphecodes distinctus (Meyer, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes dominicanus
Species    Sphecodes duplex (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes duplipunctatus (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes dusmeti (Blüthgen, 1924)
Species    Sphecodes dyozankeanus (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes ephippius (Linnaeus, 1767) (Bare-Saddled Blood-Bee)
Species    Sphecodes equator (Vachal, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes eritrinus (Friese, 1915)
Species    Sphecodes etizenensis
Species    Sphecodes eugnathus (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes eustictus (Cockerell, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes exaltus (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes fasciatus (V. Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes fattigi (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes ferruginatus (Hagens, 1882) (Dull-headed Blood-bee)
Species    Sphecodes fimbriatus (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes formosanus (Cockerell, 1911)
Species    Sphecodes formosus (Cockerell, 1911)
Species    Sphecodes fortior (Cockerell, 1898)
Species    Sphecodes fragariae (Cockerell, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes friesei (Herbst, 1908)
Species    Sphecodes fudzi (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes fuelleborni (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes fukuiensis (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes fumipennis (Smith, 1853)
Species    Sphecodes fuscipennis (Germar, 1819)
Species    Sphecodes galenus
Species    Sphecodes galeritus (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes galerus (Lovell & Cockerell, 1907)
Species    Sphecodes genaroi (Engel, 2006)
Species    Sphecodes geoffrellus (Kirby, 1802)
Species    Sphecodes geofrellus (Kirby, 1802)
Species    Sphecodes gibbus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Dark-Winged Blood-Bee)
Species    Sphecodes grahami (Cockerell, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes grandidieri (Buysson, 1901)
Species    Sphecodes granulosus (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes guineensis (Vachal, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes hagensi (Ritsema, 1880)
Species    Sphecodes haladai (Warncke, 1992)
Species    Sphecodes hanedai (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes hanuman (Nurse, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes hasshanus (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes hemirhodurus (Cockerell, 1921)
Species    Sphecodes heraclei (Robertson, 1897) - 2 subspecies
Species    Sphecodes hesperellus (Cockerell, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes hirtellus (Blüthgen, 1923)
Species    Sphecodes howardi (Cockerell, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes hudsoni (Cockerell, 1913)
Species    Sphecodes hyalinatus (Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes hydrangeae (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes ikudomei (Mitai & Tadauchi, 2013)
Species    Sphecodes illinoensis (Robertson, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes indicus (Bingham, 1898)
Species    Sphecodes inornatus (Schrottky, 1902)
Species    Sphecodes insularis (Smith, 1858)
Species    Sphecodes intermedius (Blüthgen, 1923)
Species    Sphecodes iosephi (Nobile & Turrisi, 2004)
Species    Sphecodes iridescens (Cockerell, 1921)
Species    Sphecodes iridipennis (Smith, 1879)
Species    Sphecodes itidyo (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes ituriensis (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes iwatensis (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes izumindus (Tsuneki, 1986)
Species    Sphecodes japonicus (Cockerell, 1911)
Species    Sphecodes javanicus (Friese, 1914)
Species    Sphecodes joergenseni (Meyer, 1920)
Species    Sphecodes johnsonii (Lovell, 1909) (Johnson´s Sphecodes)
Species    Sphecodes kaisensis (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes kamafuse (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes kershawi (Perkins, 1921)
Species    Sphecodes kincaidii (Cockerell, 1898)
Species    Sphecodes kisukei (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes kitamius (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes knetschi (Cockerell, 1898)
Species    Sphecodes koikensis (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes kristenseni (Meyer, 1919)
Species    Sphecodes laetus (Meyer, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes lanceolata (Schilling, 1826)
Species    Sphecodes lasimensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes laticaudatus (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes latifrons (Cockerell, 1919)
Species    Sphecodes lautipennis (Cockerell, 1908)
Species    Sphecodes levicinctus (Cockerell, 1936)
Species    Sphecodes levis (Lovell & Cockerell, 1907)
Species    Sphecodes libericus (Cockerell, 1936)
Species    Sphecodes longuloides (Blüthgen, 1923)
Species    Sphecodes longulus (Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes lunaris (Vachal, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes luteiventris (Friese, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes macswaini (Michener, 1954)
Species    Sphecodes maetai (Tsuneki, 1984)
Species    Sphecodes magnipunctatus (Cockerell, 1946)
Species    Sphecodes majalis (Perez, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes malayensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes manchurianus (Strand & Yasumatsu, 1938)
Species    Sphecodes mandibularis (Cresson, 1872)
Species    Sphecodes manni (Cockerell, 1913)
Species    Sphecodes manskii (Rayment, 1935)
Species    Sphecodes marcellinoi (Nobile & Turrisi, 2004)
Species    Sphecodes marginatus (Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes maruyamanus (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes melanopus (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes mendocinus (Jörgensen, 1912)
Species    Sphecodes metanotiaeus (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes metathoracicus (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes mexicanorum (Cockerell, 1919)
Species    Sphecodes millsi (Cockerell, 1919)
Species    Sphecodes minarum (Schrottky, 1910)
Species    Sphecodes miniatus (Hagens, 1882) (False Margined Blood-Bee)
Species    Sphecodes minor (Robertson, 1898)
Species    Sphecodes monilicornis (Kirby, 1802)
Species    Sphecodes montanus (Smith, 1879)
Species    Sphecodes moritanus
Species    Sphecodes murotai (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes mutillaeformis (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes mutsu (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes mutsuoides (Tsuneki, 1984)
Species    Sphecodes nagasei (Mitai & Tadauchi, 2013)
Species    Sphecodes nambui (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes natalensis (Friese, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes niger (Hagens, 1874)
Species    Sphecodes nigeriae (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes nigricans (Timberlake, 1940)
Species    Sphecodes nigricorpus (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes nigritus (Ashmead, 1900)
Species    Sphecodes nippon (Meyer, 1922)
Species    Sphecodes nipponicus (Yasumatsu & Hirashima, 1951)
Species    Sphecodes nitidissimus (Cockerell, 1910)
Species    Sphecodes niveatus (Meyer, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes niveipennis (Meyer, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes nomioidis (Pesenko, 1979)
Species    Sphecodes nyassanus (Strand, 1911)
Species    Sphecodes ohdeyamanus (Tsuneki, 1984)
Species    Sphecodes ohtsukius (Tsuneki, 1984)
Species    Sphecodes okuyetsu (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes olivieri (Lepeletier, 1825)
Species    Sphecodes olympicus (Cockerell, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes oneili (Cameron, 1905)
Species    Sphecodes orientalis (Astafurova & Proshchalykin, 2014)
Species    Sphecodes oriundus (Vachal, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes pallitarsis (Vachal, 1909)
Species    Sphecodes paraguayensis (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes paraplesius (Lovell, 1911)
Species    Sphecodes patagonicus (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes patruelis (Cockerell, 1913)
Species    Sphecodes pecosensis (Cockerell, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes pectoralis (Morawitz, 1876)
Species    Sphecodes pellucidus (Smith, 1845) (Sandpit Blood-Bee)
Species    Sphecodes pergibbus (Blüthgen, 1938)
Species    Sphecodes perlustrans (Cockerell, 1898)
Species    Sphecodes perplexus (Nurse, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes persimilis (Lovell & Cockerell, 1907)
Species    Sphecodes peruensis (Meyer, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes philippinensis
Species    Sphecodes pieli (Cockerell, 1931)
Species    Sphecodes pilosulus (Smith, 1879)
Species    Sphecodes pimpinellae (Robertson, 1900)
Species    Sphecodes pinguiculus (Perez, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes politulus (Cockerell, 1937)
Species    Sphecodes propinquus (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes prosphorus (Lovell & Cockerell, 1907)
Species    Sphecodes prostygius (Mitchell, 1960)
Species    Sphecodes pseudocrassus (Blüthgen, 1924)
Species    Sphecodes pseudofasciatus (Blüthgen, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes pulsatillae (Cockerell, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes punctatus (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes puncticeps (Thomson, 1870)
Species    Sphecodes puncticollis (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes punctiscutum (Eardley & R. P. Urban, 2006)
Species    Sphecodes pusillus (Cockerell, 1937)
Species    Sphecodes pycnanthemi (Robertson, 1897)
Species    Sphecodes quadrimaculatus (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes quellensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes quettensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes ralunensis (Friese, 1909)
Species    Sphecodes ranunculi (Robertson, 1897)
Species    Sphecodes redivivus (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes reticulatus (Thomson, 1870)
Species    Sphecodes rhois (Cockerell, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes rikuchu (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes rohweri (Cockerell, 1907)
Species    Sphecodes rotundiceps (Cockerell, 1919)
Species    Sphecodes rubicundus (Hagens, 1875)
Species    Sphecodes rubripes (Spinola, 1838)
Species    Sphecodes rudiusculus (Benoist, 1964)
Species    Sphecodes rufescens (Hagens, 1875)
Species    Sphecodes rufichelis (Strand, 1912)
Species    Sphecodes ruficrus (Erichson, 1835) - 2 subspecies
Species    Sphecodes rufiscapis (Vachal, 1909)
Species    Sphecodes rufithorax (Morawitz, 1876)
Species    Sphecodes rufiventris (Panzer, 1798)
Species    Sphecodes rufoantennatus (Benoist, 1950)
Species    Sphecodes rugulosus (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes samarensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes sapporensis (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes sauteri (Meyer, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes saxicolus (Warncke, 1992)
Species    Sphecodes scabricollis (Wesmael, 1835)
Species    Sphecodes schenckii (Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes schenkii (Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes schoanus (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes scrobiculatus (Pauly & Brooks, 2001)
Species    Sphecodes semiaeneus (Brullé, 1840)
Species    Sphecodes semicoloratus (Cockerell, 1897)
Species    Sphecodes senegalensis (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes shawi (Lovell, 1911)
Species    Sphecodes shillongensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes shirozui (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes sibuyanensis (Cockerell, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes sibuyensis
Species    Sphecodes sikkimensis (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes silvicola (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes simillimus (Smith, 1873)
Species    Sphecodes simlaellus (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes smilacinae (Robertson, 1897)
Species    Sphecodes solidaginis (Cockerell, 1937)
Species    Sphecodes solonis (Graenicher, 1911)
Species    Sphecodes sophiae (Cockerell, 1898)
Species    Sphecodes spinulosus (Hagens, 1875)
Species    Sphecodes strandi (Meyer, 1920)
Species    Sphecodes stygius (Robertson, 1893)
Species    Sphecodes subconfertus (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes subpunctulatus (Sichel, 1865)
Species    Sphecodes sudai (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes sulcatulus (Cockerell, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes sulcifera (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes sutor (Nurse, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes tadauchii (Mitai, 2012)
Species    Sphecodes taicho (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes tainoi (Engel, 2006)
Species    Sphecodes tanoi (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes tantalus (Nurse, 1903)
Species    Sphecodes tertius (Blüthgen, 1927)
Species    Sphecodes texana (Cresson, 1872)
Species    Sphecodes togoanus (Strand, 1912)
Species    Sphecodes tomarchioi (Nobile & Turrisi, 2004)
Species    Sphecodes townesi (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes transversus (Cockerell, 1919)
Species    Sphecodes trentonensis (Cockerell, 1913)
Species    Sphecodes tristellus (Cockerell, 1919)
Species    Sphecodes tuckeri (Friese, 1925)
Species    Sphecodes turneri (Cockerell, 1916)
Species    Sphecodes ugandae (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes utinamius (Tsuneki, 1983)
Species    Sphecodes vachali (Meyer, 1920)
Species    Sphecodes variabilis (Schrottky, 1906)
Species    Sphecodes variegatus (Hagens, 1874)
Species    Sphecodes veganus (Cockerell, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes verticalis (Von Hagens, 1882)
Species    Sphecodes villosulus (Schwarz, 2010)
Species    Sphecodes vumbuensis (Blüthgen, 1928)
Species    Sphecodes walteri (Nobile & Turrisi, 2004)
Species    Sphecodes washingtoni (Cockerell, 1904)
Species    Sphecodes wheeleri (Mitchell, 1956)
Species    Sphecodes woodi (Cockerell, 1945)
Species    Sphecodes zangherii (Noskiewicz, 1931)
Insects, True insects
Winged insects
Wing-folding insects
Holometabolous Insects
Wasps, Bees, Ants, Sawflies, Ants and wasps
True wasps, Bees, Ants, Narrow-waisted hymenopterans, Parasitic wasps, Wasps
Stinging wasps
Solitary Bees, Social Bees, Apoid Wasps, Bees, Sphecoid wasps
Sweat bees, Halictid bees, Flower bees
Cuckoo Miner Bees, Parasitic sweat bee, Cuckoo Bee
AuthorLatreille, 1804
Austrosphecodes (Michener, 1978)
Dialonia (Robertson, 1903)
Dichroa (Illiger, 1806)
Drepanium (Robertson, 1903)
Machaeris (Robertson, 1903)
Microsphecodes (Eickwort & Stage, 1972)
Proteraner (Robertson, 1903)
Sabulicola (Verhoeff, 1890)
Sphecodium (Robertson, 1903)
Sphegodes (Mavromoustakis, 1949)
Stelidium (Robertson, 1903)
Thrausmus (Buysson, 1900)

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