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Keyword: Butterfly
Found in taxonomy database:
SpeciesCryptolithodes typicus (Butterfly crab) - Lithodidae (Stone and king crabs)
SpeciesOzodiceromya johnsoni (Butterfly crab) - Therevidae (Therevids)
SpeciesIbacus peronii (Butterfly Fan Lobster) - Scyllaridae (Slipper lobsters)
SpeciesIbacus peronii (Butterfly Fan Lobster) - Scyllaridae (Slipper lobsters)
SpeciesMantispa moluccensis (Butterfly fan lobster) - Mantispidae (Mantis-flies)
SpeciesTroides paradisea (Butterfly of Paradise) - Papilionidae (Swallowtail Butterflies)

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