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Keyword: Grasshopper
Found in taxonomy database:
SpeciesNeastacilla tritaeniata (Grasshopper bee fly) - Arcturidae - Isopoda (Sowbugs)
SpeciesSystoechus vulgaris (Grasshopper bee fly) - Bombyliidae (Bee Flies)
GenusBlaesoxipha (Grasshopper maggots) - Sarcophagidae (Flesh flies)
SubgenusBlaesoxipha (Grasshopper maggots) - Sarcophagidae (Flesh flies)
GenusYersiniops (Grasshopper Mantids) - Mantidae (Mantids)
SpeciesThyrocopa apatela (Grasshopper Moth) - Xyloryctidae (Timber Moths)
SpeciesHodegia apatela (Grasshopper Moth) - Xyloryctidae (Timber Moths)
SpeciesThyrocopa mediomaculata (Grasshopper Moth) - Xyloryctidae (Timber Moths)
SpeciesNeominois ridingsii (Ridings´ satyr) - Nymphalidae (Brush Footed Butterflies)
OrderOrthoptera (Locusts) - Insecta (Insects)Site
SubfamilyGomphocerinae (Grasshoppers) - Acrididae (Short-horned grasshoppers)Site
FamilyAcrididae (Short-horned grasshoppers) - Orthoptera (Locusts)Site
FamilyAcrididae (Short-horned grasshoppers) - Orthoptera (Locusts)Site
SpeciesAtractomorpha similis (Common Grass Pyrgomorph) - Pyrgomorphidae (Pyrgomorphs)


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