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Keyword: Machaon
Found in taxonomy database:
SubspeciesPapilio machaon machaon (Old World Swallowtail) - Papilionidae (Swallowtail Butterflies)
SubspeciesPseudocroniades machaon machaon (Yellow-banded Skipper) - Hesperiidae (Skipper Butterflies)
SubspeciesPapilio polyxenes machaon - Papilionidae (Swallowtail Butterflies)
SpeciesHydropsyche machaon - Hydrobiosidae - Trichoptera (Rail-flies)
SpeciesAgrilus machaon - Buprestidae (Jewel beetles)
SpeciesTyphlodromus machaon - Phytoseiidae - Mesostigmata
SpeciesMetaphycus machaon - Encyrtidae (Encyrtids)
SpeciesPapilio machaon (Swallowtail) - Papilionidae (Swallowtail Butterflies)
SpeciesPolyrhachis machaon - Formicidae (Ants)
SpeciesCroniades machaon - Hesperiidae (Skipper Butterflies)
SpeciesPapilio machaon - Papilionidae (Swallowtail Butterflies)
SpeciesCarabus machaon - Carabidae (Ground beetles and Tiger beetles)
SpeciesPseudocroniades machaon - Hesperiidae (Skipper Butterflies)
SpeciesHedomyrma machaon - Formicidae (Ants)
SpeciesAnthoseius machaon - Phytoseiidae - Mesostigmata

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Swallowtails, Chilasa, Princeps, Eleppone, Swallowtail
Swallowtail, Old World Swallowtail, Common Yellow Swallowtail, Artemisia Swallowtail, International Swallowtail, Northern Swallowtail
AuthorLinnaeus, 1758
Papilio aliaska (Scudder, 1869)
Papilio asterius var. utahensis (Strecker, 1878)
Papilio bairdii (Edwards, 1866)
Papilio brucei (Edwards, 1895)
Papilio gorganus
Papilio hippocrates (Felder & Felder, 1864)
Papilio hippocrates var. oregonia (Edwards, 1876)
Papilio hollandii (Edwards, 1892)
Papilio hookeri (Gaonkar, 1999)
Papilio hudsonianus (Clark, 1932)
Papilio joanae (Heitzman, 1974)
Papilio joannisi (Verity, 1905)
Papilio ladakensis (Moore, 1884)
Papilio machaon (Linnaeus, 1758)
Papilio machaon ab. niger (Heyne, 1895)
Papilio machaon ab. nigrofasciata (Rothke, 1895)
Papilio Machaon aestivus (Eimer, 1895)
Papilio machaon alpherakyi (Bang-haas, 1933)
Papilio machaon alpica (Verity, 1911)
Papilio machaon bajorum (Fruhstorfer, 1922)
Papilio Machaon bimaculatus (Eimer, 1895)
Papilio Machaon centralis (Staudinger, 1886)
Papilio machaon chinensomandschuriensis (Eller, 1939)
Papilio machaon chishimana (Matsumura, 1928)
Papilio machaon chitralensis (Bang-haas, 1934)
Papilio machaon chrysostoma (Schneeur, 1934)
Papilio machaon dodi (Mcdunnough, 1939)
Papilio machaon emihippocrates (Verity, 1911)
Papilio machaon f. archias (Fruhstorfer, 1907)
Papilio machaon f. chrysostoma (Chnéour, 1934)
Papilio machaon gorganus (Fruhstorfer, 1922)
Papilio machaon hieromax (Hemming, 1934)
Papilio machaon hispanicus (Eller, 1936)
Papilio machaon impugnatus (Fruhstorfer, 1922)
Papilio machaon intacta (Sheljuzhko, 1913)
Papilio machaon joannisi (Verity, 1907)
Papilio machaon kiyonobu (Morita, 1997)
Papilio machaon lapponica (Verity, 1911)
Papilio machaon machaon (Linnaeus, 1758)
Papilio machaon machaon maxima (Verity, 1911)
Papilio machaon mauretanica (Verity, 1905)
Papilio machaon maxima gen.aest. angulata (Verity, 1911)
Papilio machaon melitensis (Eller, 1936)
Papilio machaon minschani
Papilio machaon nolico (Morita, 1997)
Papilio machaon orientalis (Neuburger, 1903)
Papilio machaon orientis (Verity, 1911)
Papilio Machaon pendjabensis (Eimer, 1895)
Papilio machaon petersii (Clark, 1932)
Papilio machaon proximus (Neuburger, 1903)
Papilio machaon rinpoche (Wyatt, 1959)
Papilio machaon rustaveli (Didmanidze & Nekrutenko, 1966)
Papilio machaon schantungensis (Eller, 1936)
Papilio machaon septentrionalis (Verity, 1911)
Papilio machaon sikkimensides (Verity, 1911)
Papilio machaon sphyrus (Auct. Non Hübner, 1823)
Papilio machaon sylvia (Esaki, 1930)
Papilio machaon var. aestivus (Eimer, 1895)
Papilio machaon var. asiatica (Ménétriés, 1855)
Papilio machaon var. asiatica ab. caerulescens (Holl, 1910)
Papilio machaon var. asiatica ab. djezïrensis (Holl, 1910)
Papilio machaon var. aurantiaca (Speyer, 1858)
Papilio machaon var. centralis (Staudinger, 1886)
Papilio machaon var. marginalis (Robbe, 1891)
Papilio machaon var. mauretanica (Holl, 1910)
Papilio machaon var. micado (Pagenstecher, 1875)
Papilio machaon var. montanus (Alpheraky, 1897)
Papilio machaon var. pendjabensis (Eimer, 1895)
Papilio machaon venchuanus (Moonen, 1984)
Papilio machon (Riley, 1927)
Papilio machon everesti (Riley, 1927)
Papilio oregonius (Edwards, 1876)
Papilio petersii (Clark, 1932)
Papilio ptersii (Clark, 1932)
Papilio sikkimensis (Moore, 1884)
Papilio sphyrus (Hübner, 1823)
Papilio utahensis (Strecker, 1878)

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