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Blue bottles reach body lengths of 10-14 mm. Their bodies have a grey-black metallic sheen. The abdomen is shiny metallic blue and has markings in black. The body and legs are black and covered with brush-like black hair. The antennae are also black and the compound eyes are red in colour. The wings are crystal clear.
>> Flies -> Blow-flies -> Blue bottle fly
Adults can reach body lengths of 3-5 mm. Their elongated, domed, dark bodies have a strong metallic sheen, which is bronze, copper, blue, dark green and (more rarely) black in colour. The metallic blue-green to blue or black forewings (elytra ) have clearly visible dots, which run in multiple rows lengthwise. The head, scutellum and legs are a similar colour to the body but diffusely spotted have a scattering of dots. At the rear end of th...
>> Beetles -> Leaf beetle -> Brassy willow beetle
...e middle of the pronotum. Both lines consist of 4 points. The scutellum is triangular in shape and slightly brighter. The wing covers (elytres) are approximately the same length as the pronotum. Their surface is densely dimpled and has a strong metallic, olive to bronze-coloured sheen. The hind wings are well developed and large. When the beetle rests, these wings must be folded in an intricate manner to fit under the wing covers. Spreading the wings is faster. This is done with the assistance of...

...s and a comb-like apparatus - located at the end of the abdomen - which is pulled along the underside of the hind wings to make them smooth. The abdomen is black and clearly segmented. Its surface can shimmer bluish to purple and can also have a metallic shine.
>> Beetles -> Rove beetle -> Philonthus cognatus
Adult Chloromyia formosa reach body lengths of 7-9 mm. Their bodies are metallic coloured and slimly built. Their hairy, purple-violet eyes are an important identifying characteristic. Chloromyia formosa have a broad, flat abdomen. The sides remain uncovered when the wings, yellow tinted and smoky brown, are in resting position...

... Their hairy, purple-violet eyes are an important identifying characteristic. Chloromyia formosa have a broad, flat abdomen. The sides remain uncovered when the wings, yellow tinted and smoky brown, are in resting position. The female’s abdomen is a metallic greenish-blue colour with a purple sheen (depending on the light), while the male’s is a coppery-green colour. The tibiae of the legs have no spurs.
>> Flies -> soldier flies -> Chloromyia formosa
... 4 - 13 mm. Their size depends on the conditions of development? environmental conditions present during the larval stages. Their bodies are slim and vary in shape. The head and chest (thorax) are bright blue-green in colour. The upper surface has a metallic gold sheen. The upper surface of the abdomen shimmers red, copper red, purple or orange, while the underside is metallic blue or green. 4 teeth are visible at the rear edge of the back plates (tergite) of the last abdominal segment. The tergite has a finer punctation than those of the other segments.
>> Wasps -> Cuckoo wasps -> Rubytail wasp
Adult Adela reaumurella reach body lengths of about 17 mm. Their bodies are 4 mm in width and have a greenish base colour. The upper surface has a light gold, bronze or silver metallic sheen and is covered in a fine powder. The head and neck of the males are densely covered with long, black hair, while the females are lighter, shorter and less hairy. The antennae are whitish. In the males, they are 55 – 60 mm, about three time...

... they are 55 – 60 mm, about three times longer than the wings. In the females the antennae are about half as long as in the males. The green longhorn reaches wingspans of 14 - 18 mm. The front wings are about 4 mm in width when folded, with a shiny, metallic green, bronze or silver sheen. The hind wings are black and have a bluish-violet glow in sunlight.
>> Moths & Butterflies -> Butterflies -> Green longhorn
...ans of camouflage. Another important distinguishing feature is the color of the beetle, which varies as greatly as the body shape. While most beetle species are dark or brownish in color, there are species whose surface has a luminous pattern or metallic sheen.
>> Beetles
Andrena are from 5 to 16 mm in length. They vary in colour from black to black-red tones and can also have a metallic sheen. Their hair is like fur and they often have a bright hairy towel on the abdomen. Andrena are counted among the bees which collect by their legs, because the pollen - with the aid of their legs - gets located to their leg hairs. On the sides...
>> Bees -> Andrena
Common green bottle flies
The common green bottle fly (Lucilia sericata) belongs to the family of Blow-flies (Calliphoridae) and is widespread in Europe and Asia. The body length ranges from 7 to 11 mm and has a metallic sheen in green and gold colours.
>> Flies -> Common green bottle flies
The abdomen of the hoverfly differs from species to species. It can be wedge-shaped, thick, oblong or club-shaped. Its coloring varies from metallic black, black on blueishgrey tones to a variety of stripes and spots (mostly in black and yellow).
>> Flies -> Hoverflies

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