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Keyword: Scavenger
Found in taxonomy database:
SpeciesCorticaria adelaidae (Scavenger beetle) - Latridiidae (Minute brown scavenger beetles)
FamilySepsidae (Black scavenger flies) - Diptera (True flies)Site
FamilyScatopsidae (Minute black scavenger flies) - Diptera (True flies)Site
SubfamilyBlastobasinae (Scavenger Moths) - Coleophoridae (Casebearer Moths)
FamilyBlastobasidae (Scavenger Moths) - Lepidoptera (Lepidopterans)Site
FamilyHybosoridae (Scavenger scarab beetles) - Coleoptera (Beetles)Site
SubfamilyHybosorinae (Scavenger Scarab Beetles) - Hybosoridae (Scavenger scarab beetles)

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