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Common woodlouse- Oniscus asellus
Common woodlouse- Oniscus asellus

Common woodlouse
The common woodlouse (Oniscus Asellus), belongs to the order isopods (Isopoda), the family Oniscidae and the genus Oniscus. This species is commonly found in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Common woodlice reach body lengths of 15-18 mm. They are dark grey to blackish-brown in colour. They have two longitudinal rows of bright spots on their backs and bright coloured. appendages with punctiform openings (defensive glands) on their sides. They have lobes on the sides of their heads at eye level.

The common woodlouse lives among fallen leaves, in rotting wood, under stones and under the surface layer of medium moist soil in deciduous forests and bushes. It is also found in cellars, gardens, stables, greenhouses and compost heaps. An adequate level of humidity is important, since their gills can only absorb oxygen, when combined with a film of water. Common woodlice are active during both day and night, but prefer the darkness. They feed on plants, fruits and vegetables. Woodlice are preyed on by a variety of birds.

Adult woodlice have a life expectancy of up to 2 years. They reproduce with the onset of warmer weather. The females produce 10-70 young, up to 3 times a year. These are 2-3mm in length. The females retain the fertilized eggs in pouches. These pouches are situated on the legs and are filled with water. The young develop in these pouches and leave as small woodlice. Further brood care is not necessary. About 3 months later, the young woodlice become adults and shed their skin for a living. The adults overwinter in the soil.

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1. Common woodlouse- Oniscus asellus
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