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Common Digging Grasshopper - Acrotylus insubricus (Scopoli, 1786)

Common Digging Grasshopper
Common Digging Grasshopper
Acrotylus insubricus belongs to the genus Acrotylus in the order Orthoptera (locusts, katydids, crickets and grasshoppers), suborder Caelifera, infraorder Acrididea, superfamily Acridoidea, family grasshoppers (Acrididae), subfamily Oedipodinae and the tribe Acrotylini. The representatives of this genus are small and distinctly hairy.
Acrotylus insubricus
Acrotylus insubricus
Scientific synonyms for Acrotylus insubricus are: Acrotylus patruelis rosea, Acrotylus versicolor, Acrydium maculatum, Gryllus fasciatus, Gryllus insubricus, Oedipoda inficita and Oedipoda madera. Acrotylus insubricus have a few sub-species: Acrotylus insubricus biskrensis, Acrotylus insubricus inficitus, Acrotylus patruelis rosea and Acrotylus insubricus insubricus.
Acrotylus insubricus (Scopoli, 1786)
Acrotylus insubricus (Scopoli, 1786)
Acrotylus insubricus are commonly found throughout the Canary Islands and the entire Mediterranean region. However this species is not encountered in Germany or Central Europe.
Common Digging Grasshopper - Acrotylus insubricus
Common Digging Grasshopper - Acrotylus insubricus
The females can reach body lengths of 15 to 20 mm, the males, 12 to 16 mm. The bodies of these insects are greyish-brown in colour and covered with fine, dark spots. The central keel of the scute (in the centre and just before it) is notched. There is one large dark spot with a white dot on the side of the pronotum. The base of the hind wings is red to pink and the upper parts are transparent. The outer edge of the wing’s red surface is represented by a crescent-shaped brown bend. The hind legs have 3 dark, triangular patches at the top.
Due to their appearance Acrotylus insubricus can be confused with Acrotylus patruelis.
Acrotylus insubricus - Front view
Acrotylus insubricus - Front view
Acrotylus insubricus prefer habitats near the coast, especially with open wasteland and low soil moisture, such as cliffs, piles of rocks, sand dunes and stony paths. Acrotylus insubricus can be encountered throughout the year on the Canary Islands but the adults are active from mid-August to spring. Acrotylus insubricus are vegetarian and live on grasses, herbs and moss.

Acrotylus insubricus
Common namesCommon Digging Grasshopper
German namesInsubrische Ödlandschrecke
French namesOEdipode grenadine, OEdipode milanaise
AuthorScopoli, 1786
Eco zoneTerrestrial

West Europe (France (South France (Corsica))), North Europe (Germany), South Europe (Italy (Italy Islands (Sicily, Sardinia), North Italy, South Italy), Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal)), Central Europe (Hungary, Slovakia), Southeast Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Yugoslavia (Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro (Serbia, Montenegro)), Albania), East Europe (Ukraine)
South Asia (India, Afghanistan), West Asia (Near East (Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen)), North Asia, Central Asia (Turkestan (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan))
Siberia (Altai, East Siberia (Southeast Siberia (Zabaykalsky Krai)))
North Africa
Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Macaronesia (Canary Islands), Sudan
West Africa
Nigeria, Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal
Central Africa

CountriesAfghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, Chad, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Gambia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Montenegro, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yemen
Taxonomic statusSynonymus of Acrotylus fischeri
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1. Common Digging Grasshopper
2. Acrotylus insubricus
3. Acrotylus insubricus (Scopoli, 1786)
4. Common Digging Grasshopper - Acrotylus insubricus
5. Acrotylus insubricus - Front view
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Acrotylus insubricus
Common Digging Grasshopper
AuthorScopoli, 1786
Acrotylus insubricus biskrensis
Acrotylus insubricus inficitus
Acrotylus insubricus insubricus
Acrotylus maculatus inficitus
Acrotylus versicolor
Acrydium maculatum
Gryllus fasciatus
Gryllus insubricus
Oedipoda inficita
Oedipoda insubrica
Oedipoda maderae
Oedipoda variegata
Acrotylus insubricus biskrensis
Acrotylus insubricus braudi
Acrotylus insubricus fischeri
Acrotylus insubricus inficitus
Acrotylus insubricus innotatus
Acrotylus insubricus insubricus
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